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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 26 Weeks Old

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I want to pay my respects to Whitney Houston before I begin this week's recaps. Her voice was the soundtrack of my middle school and high school crushes, relationships, and proms. In recent years she was known more for her personal problems than for her tremendous success as a singer and that was sad. I never stopped rooting for her. I read in this month's Essensce magazine that she was working on the remake of Sparkle. She looked fantastic in the accompanying photo. I was so happy for her. Now she has died suddenly. There will never be another Whitney.

Marlie turns 2.5 years old this week and but I didn't feel like celebrating at first. For one, this week is also the one year anniversary of the miscarriage I suffered last year. Secondly, I have not been feeling so hot. Have you ever been so tired that you can't see straight? Have you ever been so stressed that ever muscle in your neck and shoulder is a knot? That's what the past four months have been like for me. Between keeping a house tidy for showings, hosting my MIL for three weeks, running down to Miami to see my brother, and taking care of Marlie alone for a week all while carrying a growing life inside me...let's just say I was running on fumes. So I took action. I checked into a hotel by myself on Friday and did not come home until today. It was a little daunting at first. I had never been away from Marlie overnight...ever. But I pushed myself to take this break. I slept soundly for two straight nights and napped for three hours Saturday afternoon! I feel refreshed and recharged.

Now I have the energy to keep up with Marlie, at least for this week anyway. I have been shopping around for a baby doll for her 2.5 year/Valentine's Day gift. She seems like such a kid to me now, no longer a baby or a toddler. She talks SO MUCH and gets into SO MUCH TROUBLE! But I wouldn't change her for anything. My phone was acting  wonky all week and wouldn't hold a charge. Then Marlie dropped it and it's been fine ever since. How many parents can say their kids fixed their phone by dropping it?!

The Walking Dead returns tonight! It also airs the same time as Downton Abbey. What is a girl to do? Last Sunday, I watched Dowton Abbey instead of the Super Bowl, so maybe I've already made up my mind. I can watch the rerun of the other show On Demand.


Quiana said...

Completely agree about Whitney. I woke up this morning and it just doesn't seem real. . . I hope you're able to take it easy this week and find some relief and reflection with everything that's been going on. Marlie sounds like so much fun - it's hard to get mad when they're SO cute, right? And about Downton Abbey I had to catch it on demand the day after but tonight's 2 hour special vs. the Grammy's is a hard one so on demand again it will be. Same for Walking Dead (LOVE that show!).

Krissy said...

I'm glad you got some rest. Its very important that you stay well rested. That marlie reminds me so much of Jas hearing her talk was too funny because she was so quiet lol

I'm really sad about Whitney. Her daughter is in my prayers most of all.

septembermom said...

I loved that she fixed your phone by dropping it! I think it was a great idea to get recharged for awhile. You can't keep up with all those demands on you without feeling the strain.

It is very sad about Whitney. What a beautiful and talented woman.

jmt said...

What a nice break for you! A hotel check in? Wonderful idea. Glad you got it. :)

keyalus said...

So glad that you had a chance to get some real rest. 2.5 years is way too long to go without some solo downtime!

Whitney. Sigh. From what I've read, the Sparkle remake is complete and in editing and I look forward to seeing it. I loved the original even though it was kind of cheesy 70s by the time I watched it. My college roomate actually had the same name as the main character, ha!

I can watch Season 1 of Downton Abbey on my Kindle Fire for free. I am excited because I've heard great things. I didn't realize until I started streaming that it was not "Downtown" Abbey. Duh!

Maureensk said...

LOL on the phone! Glad you caught up on some sleep! I forgot that you've been showing your house all this time. I hate showing a house. We'll probably never move again just so I don't have to keep the house in "show" condition.

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