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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 27 Weeks Old

Sunday, February 19, 2012

There was a running theme occurring in my life this week...redemption. I redeemed myself as a person, wife, mother, and blogger while others redeemed themselves in my eyes too. Here's a recap:
  • Poor Marlie suffered way too many injuries this week for a 2.5 year-old or maybe not. I picked her up from school with a busted capillary in her right eye on Monday. No one could tell me what happened. She didn't cry the whole morning I was told, but there was a bruise on the skin under her eye like something poked her there and then ruptured a blood vessel in her eye. I wasn't mad. I know things like this are going to happen. I just wish someone noticed it before I did. I immediately saw it when I picked her up, but I guess that's because I'm her momma. She also busted her lip twice (once on the bathroom sink and the second time trying to pry open a DVD case with her teeth). She also got some nasty ammonia burns on her bum from what I suspect is expired cloth diaper detergent. In each case, I sat her down by the sink and performed an elaborate routine of nurse-care complete with gentle washing of the injury, applying medicine where needed, bandages (even though they don't stick well to lips), an ice pack, and lots of hugs and kissing the boo-boos. It endeared her to me even more. It made me feel so good because, truthfully, I have been feeling like a shitty parent lately...short on patience, time, and energy. But the loving look in her big, brown eyes when I dabbed a cold cloth on her cut lip restored my faith in my mothering.
  •  For Valentine's Day I decided to alleviate the hubster of any pressure to plan a date night. It saved him the anxiety and saved me the disappointment. I also arranged to have one of the teenagers from our church babysit Marlie. I made reservations at Medieval Times for our date. I have always wanted to go being a fan of the Renaissance culture. It was corny, but I had a great time. I was reminded that my happiness doesn't have to hinge on another person.
  • I received an email from one of the blogs where I won a giveaway that was not fulfilled. The sponsor Pink Butterfly Aprons was sincerely sorry for not sending me the correct items and sent me a box with the rest of my prize, plus other goodies. I want to publicly thank them for owning up to their mistake and rectifying it. 
  • I ended my week by receiving the Versatile Blogger Award from 3 Sons Have I and getting a divine pregnancy massage at a local spa. It was heavenly! I am renewed!


Krissy said...

My little marlie girl had a very rough week. I hope she's all better. I'm glad you're felling better too. Sometimes as moms oue patients get thin . I have been going through the same thing the past couple of days.

Yay I'm glad you got the rest of your winnings!

Kimberly Grabinski said...

I hope you are doing well, sounds like a crazy week!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

What a week for Marlie. And we can always use some renewing.

Maureensk said...

Poor Marlie, but yay for Momma! Pregnancy massage? Can we say jeaaaalllloooouuuss!?!? Glad your week worked out so well. Your writing tone sounds like a load has been lifted from your shoulders!

jmt said...

Isn't that such an awful feeling when you know you weren't necessarily up to parental par? And then they look at you...so trusting, so loving....those eyes. Kills me and restores me at the same exact time. I'm jealous of your massage, but very glad that it was YOU getting it. :) Stay relaxed in the homestretch!

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