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Answers I Seek in 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

It's almost February and I still haven't made any New Year's Resolutions. The truth is I find the whole exercise pointless at this stage of my life. I figure if I'm not already doing something then resolving to take it up now is just a setup for failure. Besides, I have enough on my plate for 2012 with planning a move and delivering a new baby all within the first four month of the year. By the time I reach the halfway point I think I deserve to skate for the rest of the year.

I however, being a naturally curious person and avid researcher, I do plan on getting some answers to these serious and (and sometimes silly) questions that plagued me all of 2011:
  • When there is an Amber Alert for a missing elderly person, why is the car always a Lincoln or Buick? Why don't they runaway in Porsches or Mustangs?
  • Do people whose street address start with 911 feel uncomfortable about the association with September 11th or do they feel extra patriotic?
  • How many signatures would I need on a petition to get The Real Housewives, Mob Wives, Basketball Wives and all other "reality tv" shows that make wives look like shrill shrews cancelled? And while we're at it can we throw those awful "mom" shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms on the bonfire, too?
  • What is behind the nation's collective fascination with planking?
  • Am I the only one who thinks actor Peter Dinklage is hot?
  • Is there a scientific study that explains why men put produce stickers everywhere but in the trash can that is 2 feet away?
  • Whatever happened to that chick nicknamed "New York" from Flavor of Love and I Love New York?
This is going to be me this year...super sleuth!
Has anyone watched this show? I'm waiting for it to be added to Netflix Instant Watch. Image source and synopsis at Jori's Entertainment Journal. 
See I have plenty to keep me busy in 2012! BTW, if you have answers to any of my pressing queries, pleas send them my way! 


keyalus said...

When you find the answer as to why men refuse to throw anything in the trash can, please let me know! The Mister will use a paper towel and leave it right on the counter. No amount of nagging seems to prevent this.

I was a die hard "Nip/Tuck" fan and the main female character had a fling with Peter Dinklage. You must not be alone because they wouldn't have written it if someone couldn't buy him as something of a romantic lead. Actually, you might get a kick out of watching those episodes!

BTW, I tagged you in that new meme going around. Feel free to participate if you feel like it!

Quiana said...

Ha ha! What great questions.

I read No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and wanted so badly to see the show. Hope you enjoy it!

Marci or Fauryn78 (depends on how you know me) said...

No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency was such a great show. Another question to add would be Why did they cancel it??? :(

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Oh my the reality series are the new destruction to society. I admit I love some raunchy gossip, but they are totally out of hand. I haven't seen the show but as soon as it comes on netflix please let me know.

TheVegan said...

I would also like to see all of those shows cancelled! Especially Toddlers and Tiaras. Those parents really shouldn't have children.:/ And I wholeheartedly agree that Peter Dinklage is hot!! Loved him on Nip/Tuck!

Thriftanista in the City said...

I loved watching the ladies no 1 detective agency. I hoped they would do another season.

The fashion is nice too. Botswana rocks!

Mama Up! said...

Because old folks drive Lincolns and Buicks? At least they did when I was a kid! Those were definitely old people cars.

jmt said...

I would venture to say thr elderly who drive Porsches and whatnot don't feel the need to disappear and they stay in very small circles. This way, they don't mingle with unsavory people who might feel compelled to abduct them.

Kim said...

I would sign the petition to get those real housewife shows off the air too. I remember late in both my pregnancies, I was attracted to the weirdest men. I'll have to google the guy you mention.

Maureensk said...

They turned the #1 Ladies Detective Agency into a show! Hallelujah! I started reading that series way back when book #1 was release and love it! I also like his Elizabeth Dalhousie (sp) series, which should be boring as heck, but I love. In regards to #1, I've never heard of an Amber Alert for the elderly. Is the idea that the elderly run away or is that someone abducts them? In regards to #2, I'd feel paranoid, because I associate 911 with calling 911 for emergencies, so it would feel like the house number was a bad omen. In regards to the others - I hardly ever watch TV, so I am way out of it. Toddlers in Tiaras seems like it should be a Saturday Night Live skit, not a reality TV show. The only place my husband puts produce stickers on is his or someone else's forehead, when the kids are young enough to be impressed by such things. Otherwise he properly disposes of them, so I'm thinking that it is a Southern male thing as none of my local friends have ever complained about this either.... Of course, so many people around here by from, CPS's or farmer's markets or grow their own produce, which have no stickers, so I am not sure that we count....

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