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Anatomy of a Sick Day #WordfulWednesday

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This morning I pulled up to the children's preschool at 9:00 am on.the.dot. and Marlie starts to complain of a stomach ache. I try to gauge if it's from gas by asking if she needs to poop. She just repeats that her tummy hurts. I ask her if she wants to try to go to class and have the teacher call me if she still feels bad, but she insists she has to go home because she is "not feeling well" (her words) and she starts to cry. She never wants to skip school so I figure she must really be sick.

I unstrap both kids and drop Desmond off at his class. Back in the car Marlie asks if we can go by the store to buy some "corn on the stick" because it will make her feel better. O_o . Okay. At the store she helps shuck four ears of corn and I am starting to think that I have been had.

sick day

Back home she literally watches the pot boil for the corn on the cob. I decide to go ahead and fricassee some chicken breasts for lunch. She eats a whole chicken breast and two ears of corn. So much for the tummy ache. I think she was just hungry. Then she asks to watch TV until I remind her that she is sick and should be resting. She starts to whine. It's only a little after 11 am and I need to think fast. I tell her to grab her tea set and we make "tummy tea."

By noon she is "well" enough to do a craft project and play outside. Miracles! I get to watch most of General Hospital in peace which is important because they finally revealed the identity of the mystery man lurking about town. >>It's Franco<<

At two o'clock I throw in the towel and let her watch television. It's only for an hour before we have to go pick up her baby brother anyway.

How do you spend sick days with your kids? Does yours also make a miraculous recovery when the get home?!


Help! Mama Remote... said...

Awww. She may have been hungry. Love her corn on a stick. My son is full of it so I make him lay down and no tv at all. If he's faking I want him to wish he was at school. But when they are really sick I baby them and pamper them a bit. They can lay down watch tv etc. usually the get better quicker when I do that. When they don't want to play or sleep a lot then I get worried because they are really sick.

Maureensk said...

I hate playing that guessing game! Last week, Dora wanted to leave gymnastics because she had a sore throat. She then wanted to walk down the road to get frozen yogurt though and I said if she was well enough to walk to the yogurt store, she was well enough to finish gymnastics. She went back to class and seemed fine. The next day, she woke with a fever and a horrible cold. So we shared her germs with the whole class! Glad Marlie is not too sick anyway!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

having a sick little one is the worst glad she was able to stay home and get well. loved that she had a tea party to get well.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

having a sick little one is the worst glad she was able to stay home and get well. loved that she had a tea party to get well.

Krissy said...

I've only had to keep jas home from school twice in all her 3 years. She was really not feeling well so she slept all day.

Quiana said...

This is something I'm thinking about since school starts this fall and I wonder if Nia will pull the sick trick on me. For now she's in good health everyday (and at 110% energy level!) and has only been really sick at the end of '11 when she had back-to-back ear infections. It was so sad! All I could do was hold her and nurse her.

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

I hope she is feeling better. I am glad she has a magic feel well tutu, that helps a lot :)

KalleyC | bloggingwhilenursing said...

My little girl came down with something really bad just two days ago. I let her do what she felt like doing. With a fever, not much I can expect her do. She just wanted to lay down and rest and watch TV. While I don't usually let her watch TV, it was what she needed to rest. Usually on her sick days, she's playing around like usual.

Kim said...

Oy! Deaglan hasn't tried this in a while but usually I would have to work while he entertains himself. I always outline clearly that just because he's sick doesn't mean I can play with him and skip work. I remind him how boring it is to watch TV all day and how much fun his friends are having at school. Most of the time if he's faking it, this does the trick:)

Love "corn on a stick". In our house the kids would likely mean something not as healthy like a corn dog:)

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