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Mother's Day Hangover #WordfulWednesday

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I don't know about you but am still recovering from my Mother's Day hangover. My family did SO MUCH on Sunday. Here's how it went:

7:00 am I awaken by kids and greeting cards. Sweet, but sleeping in would have been even nicer. No rest for the weary I guess

8:00 am We are walking to breakfast in order to beat the brunch crowds. I see a few dads out with their kids alone and I wonder if the mommies are still in their warm beds. I feel a pang of envy as I swat Marlie's hands from digging into the food on my plate for the umpteenth time.

Rockridge Letters
Mother's Day Photo. As usual, I am behind the camera.
9:15 am Marlie wants to play on the letters around the corner. I thought this was my day. Silly me.

10:00 am Back home and Damon prepares the picnic basket for my Mother's Day outing of strawberry picking and lunch.

11:00 am pack up the kids and car and head across the bridge. we drive through San Francisco to the California coast and then head south of Pacifica. The coastline is gorgeous. It is a slow (traffic) but peaceful drive and the offspring sleep most of the way.

1:00 pm We arrive at the organic berry farm after getting turned around because Google Maps cannot differentiate between two roads with the same name. Go figure. Note to city planners: there are enough words in the English language to avoid this problem.

1:15 pm We pick strawberries for a while which is fun. But the kids are hungry and it is freezing (perfect opportunity to give me my Mother's Day gift of a new spring jacket).

2:00 pm We park at a nearby beach for our picnic. It is delicious. We chow down while we watch the kite surfers defy the laws of gravity. Then we hit the road for the return trip home but, oh, it won't be as breezy.

3:00 pm As we drift north on Highway 1 I learn that road trips with two small children takes a lot of stamina. Desmond is having a crying fit and Marlie needs to use the bathroom. There is a traffic accident and a section of road where the two-lane highway becomes one causing a significant delay. Our 1.5 hour travel time doubles.

6:00 pm we are finally pulling up into the driveway and I have a headache. I want to flop on the couch but there is tidying up to do, baths to give, and children to put to bed.

How did you spend your Mother's Day? Enjoying alone time or celebrating with family? 


Lee-Ann said...

Oh my Mama, what a busy and exhausting day! I must say I feel jealous that I did a lot of sleeping! Mind you though I just came off an overnight!
Anyway here is an award, hope you are find some time to relax now.

Thriftanista in the City said...

That's a full day!

I woke up to V giving me a ballon (for a couple of minutes then I had to give it back!) and a Hapy Mother's Day hug. We went out for brunch. Took naps. Unsuccessfully shopped for end tables. Babes went to bed. Mama had mimsosas. :)

Happy belated Mother's Day to you.

Liz Mays said...

My kids are not in my nest anymore so I was alone on Mother's Day, but of course I talked to them! I can see how loved you were by how you spent your special day!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

sounds like an awesome day...we went out for lunch which was really nice and relaxing. the kids are getting so big!!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Sounds like a typical day. LOL Happy Mother's Day. My mom was over and I went out to get something for some food I was cooking and my husband had me looking for something he wanted to cook another day. After going to 4 different stores I told him he was going to cook for all of my pain and suffering.

Quiana said...

Awww sounds like you needed a day of rest post-Mother's Day ;-) I often think we mothers should all run away together on Mother's Day so we can have a peaceful day. Maybe take over our local hotels or something. Just a thought ;-)

Maureensk said...

I decided many, many years ago that Mother's Day was going to be a day of me doing what I want to, which does not include brunches at crowded restaurants, me cooking or preparing any food, me giving any baths, etc. That's the best present IMHO. It makes me feel so much more energized and I'm a better mom for getting that twice a year (my birthday and Mother's Day). I hope you get some rest and relaxation this week!

Mama Up! said...

The mister was all about picnicing. It rained. He laid one out on the kitchen floor. I would have preferred lunch at a restaurant. Then we went to the playground and got P. an ice cream. Is this when I say "every day is kids' day..."?

Kimberly Grabinski said...

Sometimes i think Mother's Day is a day for us to me even more like moms - more hectic because all we want is to relax.

I was in Florida most of the day, flew home in the evening and didn't see my kids til the next day.

Kim said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it. This year was not my ideal mother's day either. I guess there is a lot of pressure on the dad when the kids are too young to understand. Shaune had to be asked to do a lot of the things I thought he'd do without prompting. I gave myself a raincheck. Meaning I'm going to pick a day very soon and make it Mother's Day again:)

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