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What I'm Watching on #Netflix

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This week's picks from Netflix Instant Watch:

TV Show:
SupernaturalSupernatural. I have been plotting my summer television marathons and this show wasn't on my list until Damon played an episode one night. I became an instant fan! It's part X-files, part Hardy Boys with a pinch of Vampire Slayer. What's not to like about two achingly gorgeous brothers who kick paranormal butt?!

BernieBernie. A dark, funny, and ultimately sweet story about a popular funeral director in Northeast Texas who is put on trial for the murder of a wealthy and unpopular widower. The story is so hokey that you wouldn't buy it if wasn't based on a real story. The casting is what sells it. Jack Black immerses himself in the titular character, Shirley MacClaine gives weight to the role of acerbic Southern widower, and Matthew McConaughey is a hoot as the DA prosecuting Bernie in a town full of potential jurors sympathetic to the defendant.


Maureensk said...

I've missed this meme of yours! How am I to know what to watch without your guidance?!?! Seriously, I'm too out of it in regards to movies and TV and you've pointed me to some goodies. Both of these sound like my cup of tea. I especially like Jack Black, so Bernie sounds like a "must see" for me!

Kim said...

Yes those two brothers are gorgeous. May have to put it on my list!

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