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The Kids' Log: March 10-16, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I curse you to Daylight Savings! I have a note from my mommy excusing my tardiness because Daylight Savings is screwing with my internal clock and mind.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 30 Weeks Old
Daylights Savings affects Marlie differently each time. We just wait and see how she'll handle it. This cycle, she's up until 10 pm and wakes up close to 8 am creating a morning panic that she is oblivious too since southern molasses runs in her veins.

Baby Log: 48 Weeks Old
Desmond is all welly in the belly again. With his appetite back, we've been working on fattening him back up. He was 20.1 lbs before the sickies and now he's 18.8 lbs. We're feeding him ice cream and doughnuts! Just kidding. It's more like buttered noodles, avocados, and Greek yogurt.


Mama Up! said...

Glad the wee one is feeling better... that's a lot of weight to lose!

And here I was thinking only my girl was the one made of real southern molasses.

Alicia said...

LOLOL at "ice cream and donuts." THAT would have been funny! LOL.

jmt said...

I just pretend that daylight savings didn't exist. I truly have no concept if it affected my children or not - I just moved the clock and accepted! :)

Sick kiddos and not eating always worried me. I hope you're feeling better too, now that he is.

Maureensk said...

There was actually a White house petition to end Daylight Savings Time. I mean that our politicians have more important things to deal with, but really, people die in car accidents as a result of DST and so forth, so it is more than annoying. Down with DST! Glad Desmond is better, though that must have been a nasty virus for him to lose that much weight! Poor guy and poor you!

Kim said...

I hear you about daylight savings. I'm still feeling the impact. My kids are terrible sleepers as it is so this just adds to my pain.

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