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The Kids' Log: Feb. 24-March 2, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sickness descended upon our house this week like some kind of vengeful Biblical plague. Damon came down with the flu or a severe cold. He only took Monday off and dragged his butt to work the rest of the week. Me? I caught a milder version of what he brought home. I didn't have a fever though. I did have aches and chills so I thought it was flu, but that only lasted a day. We both have lots of chest congestion and a sore throat and a bad cough. Marlie picked up a stomach bug at school and was blowing chunks for three days straight. She'd seem fine and and eat but would throw up as soon as she drank any water. I did my best to avoid her germs by wearing plastic bags to clean up, washing my hands obsessively, and disinfecting every surface in the house but there really is no germ preventative for a preschooler who coughs in your face. So I also developed a pinch of her stomach flu. It wasn't full-blown, just enough to knock me on my butt on Friday with fever and stomach cramps that had me begging for mercy. The worst part of it all was the righteous weather this week that we couldn't enjoy because we were stuck inside. By they way, someone needs to write a caregiver manual on how to care for a sick child and a well child when you are sick too.

Teflon baby was the only only who escaped the sick fairy (three cheers for breast milk antibodies!)

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 28 Weeks Old
I may have mentioned once or twice that Marlie is not a typical sick child meaning that she doesn't curl up in bed and convalesce. She bounces around like a bunny on uppers and that is what she did for the past four days. She turned the house upside down between whining about wanting water (which acted like syrup of ipecac) and asking when she was going back to school. Saturday rolled around and she didn't vomit all day so we let her ride her bike around the block. She looked so happy being outside again.

Baby Log: 46 Weeks Old
I can't believe this boy is going to be 1 years old in a month! He suddenly looks less like a baby and more like a little person to me. His new thing is to walk around in a circle, get dizzy and fall to the ground laughing. It must be a boy thing. He is certainly a boy's boy, all rough and tumble and mischevious. He favors the basketball and trucks at playtime. Lucky for us we have plenty because his sister likes them too. His new favorite snack is sliced and quartered bananas. He acts like a big man when he's eating them and pushes my hand away if I try to help him pick one up. Yesterday I noticed an upper incisor breaking through. Finally!


The Redhead Riter said...

Wow! 1 year old. Time flies! I guess it won't be long before you have another one. LOL LOL

Someone asked me the other day, "Wouldn't you love to have another baby?"

I looked at her like she had totally lost her mind.

"Me? At 50? Are you TOTALLY insane? No. Actually, NO WAY! Besides, it would have to be a virgin birth at this point."

Do you think I was clear enough or should I said more? LOL LOL

I'm sorry you were all sick, but glad it is over. Me and Alyssa thought we were going to die when we got the flu. It is one nasty bugger!

Happy Sunday beautiful lady!


Maureensk said...

Yucky! Sorry to hear that you all were so sick! Glad Desmond avoided it all though, thank goodness for breast milk is right! As I posted a couple of weeks ago, my little miss is just like Marlie and won't take it easy when she is sick or tired (my mother assures me that I was exactly the same way). They definitely need a parenting manual for parenting young ones when you are sick. Like how to time-freeze your kids until you get well, so they just sit there mid-pose, completely safe from harm and having no needs or discomfort while you rest and get well. The worst is when you nurse them through a long cold and then you get it just as they get better and they suddenly have enough energy, that if you could simply figure a way to channel that energy, you could provide power to the entire Earth for the next hundred years.

Anonymous said...

it so doesn't seem like its even been a year yet. Time flies too quickly

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

I can't believe little he is about to turn one already. time really flies.

marlie and her energy when she is ill is tiring for mummy... I was so begining of last week because AOI was feeling very well after being ill the previous week and she turned the house upside down and I didn't like that. phew :)

Kim said...

I hate when they throw up. It's so unpredictable and almost always gets in my hair and down my back. I can't believe he'll be one either!Pictures please:) Like you don't have enough to do.

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