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What I'm Watching On #Netflix

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This week's picks from Netflix Instant Watch:

TV Show:
Breaking Bad revolves around the mundane life of high school chemistry teacher Walter White who awakens from his sleep-walking existence after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Empowered and emboldened, he hatches a plan to pay for his treatment and provide for his family by cooking crystal meth with a former student. These hapless drug dealers find themselves in increasingly dangerous, and almost comical, situations as they sling their product. I was hooked on this show from the first five minutes of the pilot. 
For Colored Girls is the powerful story of nine black women from Harlem whose lives cross paths in some tragic ways as they struggle with some heavy issues such as domestic violence, husbands on the down-low, date rape, infertility and infidelity. Together they discover the answer to their problems is reclaiming their power.


Maureensk said...

These both sound like interesting shows. Breaking Bad is especially timely for me as I was just responding to a comment that someone made on another blog that people going through a health crisis might need some physical or emotional support, but it was inappropriate to suggest giving gift cards or financial help. Clearly, some people have no idea how expensive treatment for cancer and other serious diseases can be, even with good insurance, there are many other expenses.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I still have not seen for colored girls! I will try to watch it someday soon!

Krissy said...

You're like the 4th person to talk about breaking bad. I might have to check it out

I really liked for colored girls. People gave it bad reviews but I think it was really well done.

Quiana said...

I really enjoyed For Colored Girls! I saw in the theater and there were so many people who audibly didn't get and realize it was a play first. When I was in high school I was Lady in Brown as my first paid theatrical debut!

Alicia said...

Reclaiming their power -- amen! That certainly is the answer to their problems. I really like the messages behind many of the story lines in this film because is that not the answer to many of our problems? Being resilient and reclaiming our power?

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

I was watching Breaking Bad, it was too much after watching back to back. I might start watching again, but giving myself some time to digest :).

I haven't watched for coloured girls. i am hope to watch it soon.

Kim said...

I forgot about the second one! I definitely want to check it out!

jmt said...

I've heard Breaking Bad is actually pretty good. You like?

I've heard of the movie...will it make me cry? A lot?

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