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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 10 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This week was calmer compared to previous weeks. I think instituting quiet/individual play time has helped a lot. So has not giving into every little demand, whine, tantrum. I realize she had been getting away  with a lot because I was feeling guilty about having the energy to play as much with her. For her benefit (and mine) it's best that she learn some independence ('cause mama only has two hands and I won't be killing myself trying to please everybody). She still tries to get her own way and acts out when she doesn't. She has added a new move to her tantrum repertoire. I call it her "rain dance." She stomps her feet around in a circle like she is praying for rain on the prairie. It would be funny if she weren't being a brat. Marlie has had some instances sweetness this week too, like bringing me a pillow while I lay on the couch.

What else? She can now say "open" instead of just "op." This week she asked for "avocado" with her meal. How's that for a budding wordsmith?! She has also taken to saying "my turn" as in "my turn" to watch tv or "my turn" to get a spoonful of ice cream from the carton. Hey. At least I'm sharing the ice cream!

I have been craving foods that I read about on other people's blog. Alexia at Babies and Bacon talked about kale chips so I made kale chips. Christa at I Know How Is Babby Formed talked about lentil soup so I hit her up for the recipe and made lentil soup. At least I'm not making cookies or cakes!

Yesterday, I carved our jack o'latern. Marlie helped me pull out the pumpkin guts and separate the seeds from the pulp. She also ate some of the pulp. This girl has weird taste. I washed and set the seeds aside to roast in the morning.
This week I won a custom made dress from eShakti. I can't wait to send it my measurements. I am getting a red dress to wear in our Christmas photo and to holiday parties!

How was your week?


Krissy said...

Im glad yall aren't killing eachother lol. I dont allow tantrums so they get cut very short lol

Kimberly Grabinski said...

Congrats on the dress win!

I love your jack-o-lantern. We went to the pumpkin patch today so we will be carving in the next day or 2. I can't wait!

Alexia said...

Cedella does the rain dance. All. The. Time. I laugh at it. I know...not the right message to send. But it's hilarious. What do they think the stomping is going to accomplish?

What are the quiet time activities you're doing? I tried quiet time coloring and art but the walls got covered in marker. What works for you guys?

And aren't kale chips amazing? They're only healthy thing I want to eat right now! Thanks for the shout out!

Kim said...

I suffered from that guilt when I was pregnant with Naveen too. I began pushing Deaglan's bedtime because I was too tired to do the bedtime routine. It bit me in the butt because he began suffering from night terrors. This too shall pass my friend!

Mama Up! said...

How was it? Did you like it? Did you put your own spin on it? I hope our recipe didn't disappoint!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Can't wait to see your Christmas pics. I'm guilty of giving because i don't want to see the pouting. Once I ignore they get over it. You see i said they. All of my kids including the husband. LOL

Maureensk said...

I can't believe she ate the pulp! Dora wouldn't even help pull the stuff out! "Too gross" she said.

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