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Puppies vs. Babies: Clash of the Cutest!

Monday, October 31, 2011

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's time to settle one of history's most heated arguments. Which is cuter...a puppy or a baby?

There are some similarities between babies and puppies. Both need lots of love and attention, both need chew toys when they are teething, both need to be potty trained, and both are cute. But in my opinion there is no contest when it comes to which is cuter. Any puppy, no matter how cuddly, comes a distant second to my beautiful child. My baby girl gives me the best hugs, plus she doesn't have doggy breath!

You may have your own opinion, so let us settle this the way democratic societies do, by voting for our choice! PvB-CuteDar-Green-300x250-Backup.jpgThe Puppies vs. Babies Ultimate Showdown will put an end to the debate. Visit the Puppies vs. Babies online contest page hosted by Animal Planet to view some photos of cuddly fur babies and adorable tots then vote for your favorites now through November 23. The winning puppy or baby will win $5,000. Don't let your candidate lose this contest, vote today!

Who do you think is cuter? Leave me a comment with who you plan to vote for.

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Anonymous said...

It will be a contest of epic proportions! Let's see what happens over the new few weeks. Let the voting begin!

Lee-Ann said...

Definitely babies are cuter, but I'm sure that is because I'm a Mother and have crazy baby fever! If I didn't have children I'm sure I'd pick puppies though. :)

Mama Up! said...

I don't know... babies are great and all, but I think overall, puppies are cuter more often than babies. Less spit up, for sure!

Kim said...

Before I was a mom I used to be a dog mom. I loved all things dog. Now that I'm a mom, I would easily vote for all things baby.

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