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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 9 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Marlie "drive mommy crazy" train continues. She followed up the yogurt incident on Monday by writing on the furniture and walls with a permanent ink pen (thank goodness for nail polish remover) and pouring a bowl of rice onto the couch and grinding the grains into the upholstery. But her coup de grace was waking up after a nap, pooping in her potty pants, removing the pants by herself, tossing the pants out of the crib, then wiping the bit that got on her hand on the wall next to her crib. It is by grace that I am still of sound mind and body and not locked up in an mental institution.

Not only is she on a path of complete mayhem, she is also getting rather clingy. By Friday I was jokingly telling her to get off my jock. Seriously. This girl has become my shadow. I cannot sit for one minute without her needing this or wanting that. I'm changing her name to Constance Interruptus. All joking aside. I am looking into making some quiet time boxes filled with activities she can do independently for at least an hour. I have to get her to entertain herself for a couple of hours each day or I am going to turn into a zombie.

One cute note this week...Marlie has a new catchphrase. I'll say "Marlie, it's bed time" and her reply is "Aw, man!" Or her dad will say, "no more TV" and she'll say "Aw, man!" She even does the arm movement. Her comedic timing is impeccable.

Second cute note this week...I am pretty sure I felt chocolate chip move for the first time. Marlie has laying on my stomach and I think the poor baby was scrambling to get out of the way!

I just started entering some giveaways again after a long hiatus. So far, I've won a $50 Amazon gift card, which we used to buy Marlie a mattress for her new toddler bed. It actually arrived before the bed. I also won a pair of Dapper Snappers which are like suspenders worn around the waist to keep pants up. Marlie needs these! What else? I won a Wii Fit video game, but I don't own a Wii console. I am most excited about the Piggyback Rider I also won so we can take Marlie hiking and not worrying about her feet hurting.

That's my update for the week. How is everyone else doing?


Help! Mama Remote... said...

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!I never knew nail polish remover would take care of permanent ink.

Alexia said...

Oh my goodness. After the yogurt incident I was worried and now I'm downright scared over here. Knowing how much Marlie and C share in the 'spirit' department I'm DREADING facing the terrible twos with a newborn on the way.

Hang in there my dear, hopefully this is only a phase. Though I know what you mean about having a shadow, it's downright annoying on some days. Thankfully M has school in the mornings!

Hope you are feeling well!!

Krissy said...

Marlie girl is bored. I don't think she's trying to drive you nuts I think she's just trying to entertain herself.

Yay for CC moving.

Jas has been all about Aww Mann for awhile now. It makes me laugh.

The shawdowing me kinda drives me nuts tho. I love that she loves me but I need my space too.

Mama Up! said...

"independently for at least an hour"

If you can get a whole hour, you'll have to share your secret with the world!

keyalus said...

Does she get the "Awww Man" thing comes from Swiper in Dora? I realized that the character says it every episode one day when I was watching it with Lewis. I was wondering where he picked that up from because we never say that!

Marlie is doing it big over there, huh? Anything involving poop is just over the top. I haven't experienced that yet but I know one day it will come. For now, I'll just be thankful that Lewis is prone to tossing all the blankets and animals out of bed when he's not feeling sleepy.

Kim said...

there have been times when I too have been one small phone call away from institutionalization. Especially when I was tired, nauseaus and pregnant with Naveen. Deaglan pulled some real doozies. Hugs to you, I hope you get some breaks soon!

Maureensk said...

So what is your secret to winning so many giveaways - seriously! The poop fiasco sounds awful, especially when you're pregnant with an ultra sensitive nose and tummy. She definitely sounds like she is being a handful, I will need to remember this post the next time I want to refer to Dora as "high maintenance". Love the "Constance Interuptus", we could use the same name around here. It too will pass - one day - hopefully before you turn into a zombie. I'd hate to have to practice my zombie-fighting skills on you... Didn't I mention that I go to zombie fighting school? No one can ever say I don't try to be prepared!

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