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The Kids' Log: February 17-23, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I hope you enjoyed your President's Day! Damon actually had the day off, which surprised me since he did not get MLK Jr Day. We made the most of the holiday with a trip across the bay to San Francisco. We originally planned to take the ferry, but they were on holiday too! So we took the train and then walked through Chinatown and Little Italy to Coit Tower. From this high point we could see the span of the bay, including Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked downhill through Filbert Gardens and back to the Fisherman's Wharf where we had lunch at Pier 23. I ate fish tacos made with charbroiled snapper that was oh so good that I am going to try to recreate the recipe today.

The remainder of the week was the usual. Chauffeuring Marlie to and from preschool and gymnastics and play dates.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 27 Weeks Old
Poor Marlie has inherited my calamity gene. First, she pulled out a nice chunk of her with a comb meant for one of those stupid pony dolls. I found bits of her hair all around her bed and freaked out. I might have gone a bit overboard with the admonishment, but I had already warned her once not to use that comb on her own hair. SIGH. Yesterday, she woke up with a huge sty on her left eye. She looks like Rocky after two rounds with Drago!

Baby Log: 45 Weeks Old
Desmond called me Mom yesterday! It sounded more like maam, but whatever. He is developing so rapidly as he approaches his first birthday. My sister is flying in to help celebrate. I am not planning a big party, just a family outing somewhere like the shore.


Kimberly Grabinski said...

There is no way Desmond is almost 1 already??? Holy cow.

Do they do tours of Alcatraz?

Mama Up! said...

Poor little chick. I hate when I have to be the bad guy in a situation where there's already been a consequence :(

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Oh no. My oldest pulled out an entire frenchbraid and I have no clue how she managed to do it. Aww mom!!!! Has he said dad yet?

Anonymous said...

if we didn't just move i'd def make my way up there to celebrate his birthday! now im sad

Alicia said...

Hearing the word "mom" for the first time is the sweetest thing ever and is priceless. I remember the first few times Aiden would say it. *Melts*

Ugh! Marlie pulled out her hair?! I've heard stories from moms of little girls going through that. It's not fun, to say the least.

jmt said...

Wow how time flies. I have been absent for so long and the ages - oh my! With as much as Evelyn detests having her hair combed and tugged on, I'm hoping she doesn't take it upon herself to try and comb it. I'm waiting for the moment when Owen tries to cut his own. He's bound to. He's too ornery not to do all the typical bad little boy things.

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