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The Kids' Log: February 3-9, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to another week in our lives. A lot has happened in the past seven days. We lost another buyer (Dallas house) and another quickly sprung up. Let's hope this one sticks! I have been diligently working on my homework. Some days I could only get around to brushing/flossing and praying but I'm making progress on reclaiming my joy.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 25 Weeks Old
Last Sunday Damon took the kids to a play date with Marlie's classmates at a farm. Her daddy didn't see fit to comb her hair before leaving the house. I bet no one even noticed. They were all probably like, what a wonderful farther he must be to bring both little kids to the park by himself! I would have gotten side-eyes if I took her out with her hair looking like that. LOL!

Marlie got expelled from gymnastics class on Friday. She ran off twice and the teacher had to chase her down while she shouted "you can't catch me!" Marlie was shocked that she was sent home and cried so hard. She said she just wanted to play with the teacher. I did my best to explain that the teacher was trying to teach and needed her to listen and do the exercises. I could tell she was having a hard time processing it. I told her she could go back and try again next week and work on her listening skills. This is what worries me about her play-based preschool where the teachers routinely engage the kids in chase, tag and hide 'n seek. She doesn't seem to understand the switch between instruction time and play time.

In better news, I finally started planning her 4th birthday party. I am off to a late start, but preparations are officially underway thanks to a super-sweet daily deal for a mobile pony party and petting zoo! I am leaning toward a Toy Story Woody/Jessie color scheme for her cowgirl festivities.

Marlie at Tilden Farm

Baby Log: 43 Weeks Old
Baby boy has been keeping us awake all week and his daytime naps are sporadic. His appetite is off and he wants to nurse round the clock. Sounds like more teeth are coming, but they've been threatening to break loose for weeks and nothing. Oh, and did I mention he caught a cold this week too? Fun times!


Quiana said...

Oh wow - glad to hear another buyer popped up! And about Marlie being expelled that indeed must be confusing if she doesn't know when to play and when not to be serious based on her school format. I hope she gets a second chance. Sending healthy vibes to Desmond!

Maureensk said...

Your blog makes me so thankful that we are not in a position where we have to sell our house right now. I complain about our house and talk about moving constantly, but if we HAD to sell, we'd have to short sell also and I'd probably be an insane banshee, basket case. I don't know how you manage to stay so calm through it all! You know you're 100% right about that Damon got all sorts of kudos for bringing the kids out all by himself! Everyone was probably all "what a big 'ol studly man, taking out two wee ones all by his lonesome!" Is Marlie actually expelled from gymnastics or was it just for one day? That seems a bit harsh if it was a real expulsion.

Anonymous said...

I hope this buyer sticks. I think your talk with marlie probably worked and she'll get age has to listen . poor Desmond and those teeth and. poor mommies boobs.

KalleyC | bloggingwhilenursing said...

So Ada to hear that she got expelled from gymnastics. At this stage, they just want to play and don't really understand the switch--like you said. I hope she can go back and be apart of the class again.

Unknown said...

Well I hope she got expelled for the day not the semester, especially since she is so young. You have a very busy energetic child that all, it will work out fine. Maybe find a less structured gymnastics. I love the comment about the Dad, our society in general expects so little of them so to just see a man with a kid or twelve we all swoon. lol We have sick buggers too I hope he gets well soon and I hope you can rest some too.

Kim said...

Expelled? Sounds a little extreme. In similar news, I was horrified at how terrible Naveen was at a recent school tour where we had to sit in the library of the school and listen to a presentation. Horrified with his behaviour.

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