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The Kids' Log: February 10-16, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Please don't take notice of the conspicuous lack of pictures again. This week was kind of ordinary with the exception of a few instances of some extraordinary things that happened to me.

First, I applied for a job! This was one of the to-do things on my homework checklist. Another parent happened to mention an opening for a Communications Manager at a local private school so I submitted my resume on Monday. I am so proud that I was able to quiet that little voice of self-doubt and go for it.

The second cool things that happened is that I won a $50 gift card to REI which I used to buy gear for the marathon (now a half marathon). I bought two pair of walking socks with padded heels. They cost $30 but they are so worth the price because after I wore them on my 14-mile training walk yesterday my feet did not feel like pulverized meat for the first time since I started long distance walking.

The third nice thing that happened was our first date night since moving here. We set up a babysitting swap with our neighbors where we watched their girls on Friday night and they watched our kids on Saturday evening so both couples could enjoy a Valentine's outing. I'm not going to lie folks, it felt weird being out after dark. It hit me that I rarely go out at night anymore and that made me a little down. As Krissy said, we need to get a life! That's why we are going to try these date night swaps with our neighbors more often.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 26 Weeks Old
Miss Social Butterfly attended two birthday parties this week, one last Sunday and one yesterday. She has a busier social calendar than me. I really, really need to get a life. I am happy to report that she was not kicked out of gymnastics class on Friday. She walked up to the teacher and told her she was ready to listen. She had a good time an was rewarded with a stamp. I also took her for cupcakes afterward.

Baby Log: 44 Weeks Old
Desmond came down with a cold earlier in the week. This was on top on the teething, so he was extra miserable. I spent most of the week wiping his face. It was hard to tell where the snot ended and the drool began. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Date night sounds lovely! I'm working ob getting a life.

I'm glad marlie learned her lesson. she's a good girl. and poor Desmond :-(

mail4rosey said...

Sounds like lots of busy good things are going on. :)

Sorry to hear your little one is sick. :(

Good luck w/the job app.

Mama Up! said...

Good luck with the whole job thing! I believe in you :)

Says the random internet friend, hee.

But really, you rock!

And you're so lucky to get a date night. It's really so darn expensive these days!

Maureensk said...

Good for you for applying for that job! I have some of those socks and have had them for 15 years! I kid you not! They look old and ugly, but they keep on ticking.

Help! Mama Remote... said...

You get an A on your homework!!!!!i think I need a life too.

Quiana said...

Congratulations on applying for a job and for going on a date night! I hope you had a good time. I'm a huge fan of babysitting swaps and they work great with my local meetup group. Oh and about those expensive socks? I feel ya - they are awesome. I remember wearing Thorlos to go with my required Doc Martens in high school and they made a world of difference although they were crazy expensive.

Kim said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the job. But you're right, the most important thing is that you did it! We need to get ourselves a babysitting situation. We have no life!!

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