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What I'm Watching on #Netflix

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This week's picks from Netflix Instant Watch:

TV Show:
Once Upon A TimeOnce Upon A Time. Damon clued me into this fantasy series on ABC and it wasn't hard to get addicted. I am a fan of modern twists on classic fairy tales and this show does not disappoint. The concept is so simple and clever that it's genius...take your favorite storybook characters, give them a case of wicked amnesia, and plop them in a sleepy 21st century New England town controlled by The Evil Queen? It has cast a spell on me!

Marion Jones 30 for 30: Marion Jones: Press Pause. ESPN produces a series of sports documentaries that chronicle some of the most dramatic athletic stories in the past 30 years. Being a devout track fan, I felt compelled to watch this film about the disgraced Olympic star because I was curious about what happened to her. Guest Director John Singleton is unflinching but compassionate in his portrayal of Marion. He digs into the scandal, but mostly focuses on her road to redemption. Marion is a wife, mother of three, churchgoer, motivational speaker and surprisingly still an athlete.


Ms. Understood said...

I get Netflix on my phone. I think I'll checkout that 30 for 30 documentary tomorrow at work (docs are my favorite genre). How did you like it?

Mrs. Pancakes said...

So sad about Marion Jones!

Anonymous said...

I need to check these out, especially once. I've seen the sports documentaries on Netflix but never bothered to queue them up, I'm going to be watching this one tonight.

Maureensk said...

My older kids love Once Upon a Time, but I haven't watched it since it is too scary for Dora and I rarely watch TV while she is asleep. I did watch an episode of Sherlock Holmes last week, though!

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