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The Kids Logs: October 28-November 3, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

To my friends and family in areas affected by Super Storm Sandy, I am thankful that you are okay. Please stay safe and warm. My heart goes out to all who have suffered loss. I continue to pray that services are restored quickly so that you can regain a sense of normalcy.

I think this storm was a wake up call for all of us. First lesson: take evacuation orders seriously. natural disasters kill. Second lesson: have your emergency kits ready. preparedness saves lives. Third lesson: everyone can help in the relief efforts. 7 ways to help victims.

This should cheer you up. My Princess and Frog on Halloween night
Is it just me or does anyone else have Halloween fatigue and a tummy ache from raiding your kids' trick or treat stash? Raise your hands! The warm weather continues here and the only real sign of fall is the piles of leaves on the ground to which Marlie says, "Aw, mommy! Look at all the leaves on the ground! They are supposed to be up there (pointing to the tree tops). She is pure comedy gold, people. I try to remember to laugh when she and her brother are plotting to put me in the looney bin with their antics. Like when they both had a case of the full-moon insomnia early this week. Both kids up at 2 am and won't go back to sleep. I was fully prepared to feed them both to the wolves.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 11 Weeks Old
Marlie made out like Robin Hood this Halloween. She collected loads of candy which her parents quickly redistributed to the less fortunate.

She's really getting into music and her parents make sure to expose her to a wide range of musical styles. This week I had her bopping to Tears for Fears and other bands from the 1980s.

Baby Log: 29 Weeks Old
After weeks of on and off symptoms, we finally have a couple of whiteheads (what else would you call a teething breakthrough?) His entire bottom gumline is swollen because the four front teeth are making their way through, but the two middle ones have already cut. It's rough because he is a mean and cranky teether. I'm talking kicking and punching and pinching and sucking. I am tempted to give him some Nyquil (jk!). He likes to sneak off and suck on the doorstops, so I have resorted to putting obstacles behind the doors.


Maureensk said...

Tears for Fears! I haven't thought about them in forever! Princess Tiana is looking a little less put together in this photo, compared to your other photo, but your frog prince is looking cute enough that even I'd kiss that frog! Sorry to hear is teething so badly though, I'd kind of forgotten how awful that stage is.

Kim said...

That is the cutest little frog I've ever seen!!!! Yes, I'm so happy the friggin candy is gone - I was feeling so unbalanced from eating all their chocolate bars.

Quiana said...

Catching up on what I missed and love seeing your little ones in their costumes! So cute!

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