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Convos from the Backseat #4

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm toying with a new meme inspired by my conversations in the car with my chatterbox in the backseat. I would like to make it a link-up too. Let me know what you think!

Monday's conversation while driving home from preschool...

Marlie: Are we going to see the fireman station?
Me: Yes, I always drive past the fire station on the way home.
Marlie: One time daddy and me went inside!
Me: Did you like it?
Marlie: Yep, but I was shy.
Me: What does shy mean?
Marlie: It means I was not happy.
Me: But I thought you liked going inside the fire station. I think shy means you didn't talk to the fireman.
Marlie: Oh.
Marlie: Do firemen like Popsicle?
Me: I'm sure they do.
Marlie: Can we make some Popsicle for the firemen right now?
Me: It's too cold for Popsicle.
Marlie: Why?
Me: It's winter and the firemen probably want stuff that keeps them warm like soup and hot cocoa.
Marlie: And spicy chicken?
Me: um, sure.
Marlie: I don't like spicy chicken cause it make my tongue hot and I tell daddy. But I like chicken without the spicy.
Me: Oh.


Maureensk said...

Too cute! I love this meme! Marlie's conversations crack me up.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

I could kick myself for not doing this with my kids. Look at the wonderful snapshots you will have!

Lena B said...

Love it - really great idea and such an awesome memory

Unknown said...

You guys are too cute, I enjoy this every week!

XOXO, Michelle said...

love these cute convos. I am totally doing this with my boys!

Ellen said...

LOL so cute. I miss when my kids were tiny.

Anonymous said...

"Do Firemen like popsicles?" Too cute. I need to write down some of the conversations my 5-year old and I have while driving home from school.

Momma Told Me said...

Another great share again- I love this series!

Quiana said...

Great series! She and Nia say the same phrase, "the spicy." Nia's constantly telling us "I like the spicy!" and begs to dip her fingers in hot sauce. She's definitely her father's daughter! I'm sure Marlie will get a kick out this meme when she gets older =)

Sarah said...

LOL, that is adorable. Spicy chicken is the best :) One of my boys' loves spicy food and the other won't touch it!

Grace said...

I love the way your daughter thinks. She is too cute.

Kathleen said...

LOL thanks for sharing. I should share some of the conversations my daughter and I have while walking, but I'd need a tape recorder and record it first and then transcribe it because they are so long and detailed and usually involve topics a typical 5 year old knows nothing about but mine asks about: gender, sex, culture, money, economics, death.

Lee-Ann said...

LOL Such a cutie!

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