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The Kids' Log: April 29-May 5, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I cannot believe it is already May! The month of May is the best, and I'm not just saying that because of my birthday or Mother's Day. May has always signified renewal and hope for me. It's when the flowers really bloom and the leaves on trees turn bright green after the April showers. May also makes me take stock of where I am spiritually, mentally, and physically (swimsuit season around the corner!). I start to make plans to get my butt, brain, and spirit into gear.

This week I fed my brain the Hunger Games and it ate it up! The concept may not be original, but Suzanne Collins is a master with prose and keeps her dystopian novel bursting with vivid imagery and hopping at a fast clip.I am undecided about seeing the movie (like I could go right now anyway) because I hear it leaves out many key scenes from the book. That would irk me. I treated my body to some exercise. I've been power walking up to 4 miles a couple times this week with Desmond attached to me thanks to the Boba 3G carrier my mother-in-law bought for me. I've also been working on cleaning up my diet and curbing the sweet tooth that I developed while pregnant. Spiritually I find myself praying a lot more, asking for infinite patience (like when Magoo has been up for two hours in the middle of the night and won't go to sleep) and infinite wisdom (like when Marlie is throwing an atomic tantrum and I need to get through to her).

With my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, I find myself itching to redesign my blog. It's only been a year since the last makeover, so I can't really scratch it. Maybe I'll just get a few things tweaked like add some pictures of Magoo to the header and change  the fonts. I've decided not to change the name of my blog because it's more than just my online journal, it's my budding enterprise and I don't want to risk losing any business. It's too much work (and time I don't have) to rebuild my rankings if I buy a new domain name. I could just change the title, but I hate it when blog titles and domain names don't match. So, yeah, this will always be Marlie and Me.
Toddler Log: 2 Years and 37 Weeks Old
Marlie is becoming more of a kid each day as she rapidly approaches her third birthday. She still has her moments of toddler drama. Her tantrums are more intense, but happen less often. She is obsessed with snails and likes to show me the slimy buggers crawling up her arm when I pick her up from school. I grit my teeth and tell her they are so cool when I really want to hurl. Shudder. I think she is going to pick a profession working with animals. Marlie is taking her imaginary play to new levels with tea time and pretend baking. She loves to bring me "tea and cookies" and "pancakes." She watches while I pretend to drink and eat what she has made then she asks me if it was yummy. She has also gotten into caring for her doll baby and loves to rock it to sleep and change its diaper. She is suddenly afraid of the dark and the shadows of the trees in her room are scary. We have to cover up the glass door in her room so she can go to sleep.I wonder where all of this is coming from.She was looking at a picture of a young girl who was missing her two front on the cover of a magazine and exclaimed, "her mouth is yucky like a horse!" I told her that she just lost her teeth and that they would grow back. She insisted it was yucky, so I told her that she would lose her teeth too and big, grown-up teeth would replace them. She got all upset and cried that she didn't want to lose her teeth. Why'd I have to go open my big mouth?!

Baby Log: 5 Weeks Old
My big boy is about 10 lbs now and giving me a back ache. The temperatures are skyrocketing and it's becoming an oven down here. Magoo has a heat rash on his ears, neck and the back of his head. Poor baby, but it gave me an excuse to give him his first real bath in the tub. He liked being immersed in the cool water. I rubbed him down from head to toe in aloe vera and the rash looked a lot less red. I finally got him to smile at my funny faces which made my heart melt. He makes these weird sounds that remind my of that guy from the Police Academy movies. He can sound like a tire squealing and hiss like a lizard, but the best sound effect he makes is a dolphin call. I might have to change his nickname to Flipper!


Anonymous said...

Don't you go calling that baby flipper lol. I'm glad both kiddos are doing well . You seem to be hanging in there too

Maureensk said...

Ohhhh, heat rash is so sad for babies. The last year we spent in San Diego, I had three kids under the age of three and they all had some heat rash somewhere (we had no AC back then). That is funny about Marlie and the snails, good for you for staying calm. I'm not sure if I could do the same. I've never heard of the Boba 3G baby carrier. I don't have a baby anymore, but I'm still going to check out as I have a thing for baby carriers and maybe someone I know will have a baby soon.

The Redhead Riter said...

I loved the post...as always.

"She loves to bring me "tea and cookies" and 'pancakes.'" *soft sigh* I can't even begin to tell you all the emotions that one sentence caused to well up inside of me. I have SO MANY wonderful memories of not only doing that with my mother, aunts and grandmother, but also of having Brittany and Alyssa do the same thing with me. It seems like just a few weeks ago that you were pregnant with Marlie and now you have TWO children...and still the same handsome husband ;o)

Cherish. every. single. moment. because they go by way too quickly. Waaaaaay too quickly.

{{{hugggssss}}} to you on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, sweet lady.

Kim said...

I'm secretly glad that bugs creep Deaglan out right now,I know he'll grow out of it and become fascinated lord help me. I'm impressed that you are getting out and walking!!

Lee-Ann said...

I say go and see the movie, truthfully I thought they did a great job and the reality is you can never put everything from a book into a movie.

LOL at Marlie and horse mouth. That gnarly teeth stage is pretty scary!

Hoping Magoo is able to cool off and sleep for you soon. :)

Mama Up! said...

Great update! I can't write much - just about to go into a meeting, but it sounds like things are pretty crazy (and fun) at your place!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

oh let's not talk about sweet tooth. I still haven't had a chance to go see or read the hunger games. My daughter loves it! Snails! Eyk! I love when kids aren't afraid of nature and your little guy is growing. My kids still get heat bumps. I hope we've seen the worst of them. It's still not that hot here.

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