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What I'm Watching on #Netflix

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This week's picks from my Netflix Instant Watch Library or mail queue:

TV Show:
South Park: A very Buttery Collection is a compilation of 13 episodes that center on the character Butters. Butters is my favorite kid on South Park. He is sweet, and oblivious to the avarice of his peers and the adults around him. He is innocence personified. But there is are many sides to Butters other than gullible (Awesome-O). He can be dark (Professor Chaos) and romantic (Raisins) too. He's a loveable, funny boy and I love this collection of his finest moments on the show.

Redrum is a crime comedy film that went straight to DVD. A de-glammed Jill Marie Jones of Girlfriends stars as a mousy wife and school teacher married to an equally boring accountant. They struggle to find a way to add spice to their stale marriage and discover a shared passion for murdering mean people. Killing makes them feel alive (how ironic) and horny. I'm not saying it's a horrible movie, but it's not good either. I'll just call it strange.


Kim said...

I have never watched Southpark. But I've seen a few pieces (documentary style) on the creators. Jill Scott was awesome in this Tyler Perry movie I saw recently where her husband was a true jerk who started finding her unattractive because she'd gained weight. I'm having a mommy moment and can't think of the title.

Krissy said...

I've watched south park a few times. It really is a funny show.

That movie sounds like crap on a stick! Lol

@Kim the movie you are talking about is "why did I get married?"

I Wonder Wye said...

Love Southpark. Going to the new play in NY? That would be awesome...never heard of the other, which is why we love netflix -- living in the country running to town for a movie isn't an option as often as we like to watch them...watching where we can hit pause or I can sit with a cat on my lap and work needlepoint -- and drink -- is the only way to go, anyway...

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Omg sounds like a strange movie to me! I've never watched south park! Never!lol guess that's what happens when you judge before you watch.

Maureensk said...

I wonder if they had always planned to have Redrum go straight to DVD or if they just decided it was too bad to release at the theatre once they saw it?

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