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What I'm Watching on #Netflix

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This week's picks from my Netflix Instant Watch Library or mail queue have are influenced by the 4th of July:

TV Show:
The Kennedys is the miniseries that created a bruhaha when The History Channel decided no to air the episodes earlier this year. Some people accused Kennedy family members and friends of using their influence to kill the show because of its unflattering portrayal of the family. Here's what I think: the network pulled the plug because the show sucks. First of all it's just too cynical. The family is depicted in such a poor light. Patriarch Joe comes off a world-class bully who is determined to put a Kennedy in the White House by any means necessary. He only shows his children affection when they are winning. Jack is a philanderer and pill-popper who is trying to fulfill his dead older brother's legacy. Bobby is the mama's boy who desperately wants to escape his father's iron grip. The Kennedy women are all background players, except saintly Jackie who is torn between love and duty to her family and wanting a life of her own. The show lacks layers, dimension, and complexity. Not to mention it adds nothing of value to the Kennedy dialogue.
Wet Hot American Summer is a bawdy comedy film from 2001 that became a cult classic.It's a spoof of the summer camp movies of the late '70s/early '80s. You have to have a seriously twisted funny bone to enjoy it. When these counselors are not doing drugs or making out with each other, they are endangering the lives of their young charges. There are sick jokes and even sicker sight gags. But the best thing about this movie are all the actors who you will recognize before they were stars. It's worth watching just to see Bradley Cooper pre-Hangover.


Help! Mama Remote... said...

Aw snap the show sucks! LOL Wow the second sounds really twisted. Don't know what my daughter has been watching but she keeps talking about the Kennedys. lol

Mama Up! said...

Hah, Wet Hot American Summer is one of The BabbyDaddy's favorite movies!

Alicia said...

I love all things funny. And I can appreciate a good joke, even if it offends some (ie: the whole "Go The Eff to Sleep" post) so I think I wanna check this one out. Plus... Bradley Cooper? Yum!

septembermom said...

Another great review Teresha. I think I'll stay away from these two. Hope you and your family are doing well :)

Kim said...

The Kennedys started airing on regular cable a few nights ago and I couldn't agree more with your assessment! And to be honest, let's get over them already!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I have not seen neither! But it would be fun to watch Bradley Cooper Pre-hangover :-)

Karen said...

Stumbling you from the Stumble Upon....Rafflecopter hop!


Maureensk said...

Well, it sounds like they're two that I should just skip. I probably would have watched the Kennedys, I'm glad you saved me the misery!

Coco said...

Stumbling here from :



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