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Baby Log: Week 30

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's been an amazing week. Her majesty has become very mobile. She climbed to new heights and fell low (another tumble out of our bed, this time on my watch). Read all about it...
  • Social Development: Khari came over for a play date on Monday. He is older than Marlie by 5 months and outweighs her by 7 lbs. Play time consisted of a lot of me keeping their hands off each other because they don't yet understand gentle touch. It was tough juggling two infants. After three hours, I needed a time out. I have new respect for mommies with two babes. Speaking of Khari, we attended his 1st birthday party on Saturday. Happy Birthday Big Boy!
  • Motor Skills Development: she has been trying to stand up, but could only get as far as the downward dog position. This week she pulled herself up in her crib using the railing. Of course she had to see if she could hold on with one hand...she is such a little daredevil. Damon thinks she is going to be a stunt woman. That would explain her need to launch herself over the side of our bed...she's practicing! She also figured out how to crawl forward. This one came out of the blue. I put her on the floor to play, sat down in a chair, and she just crawled toward me. I think seeing Khari walk around on Monday really motivated her.

  • Behavioral Development: Marlie has officially entered the bratty phase and I hope to heaven it is short-lived. She can't even speak, but that hasn't prevented her from communicating her desire to do things her way. She is aggressively trying to assert her independence (despite the fact that she cannot do a thing by herself) and control...she pushes away food, squirms endlessly when I need to bathe, clothe or diaper her; fights nap and bedtime. I would leave her be except that child protective services would get a call if I showed up somewhere with a stinky, malnourished kid with dark circles under her eyes. VOTE 4 MARLIE
  • I won three giveaways this week: The Princess and the Frog on DVD from Christian Mommy Writer, Episencial Better Body Butter from Upside to Rainy Days, and 3 Natural Sea Silk Baby Sponges from A Mom's Balancing Act!
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Blogs said...

Oh so precious.....it's beautiful watching them grow;) Enjoy! It goes by way toooooo fast! She's just darling!

Kimberly Grabinski said...

I love the balancing with one hand shot! Too cute.

I'm jealous of your Princess and the Frog win...LOL

The Redhead Riter said...

Flying off the bed is a bit scary!!!

Maureensk said...

Hate to tell you this, but the bratty phase is not short lived. They continue to assert their independence for many years (actually I'm still asserting my independence and I'm 41). Seriously, Marlie sounds a lot like V, who continues to run me ragged. She'll master not falling off the bed, but find something else to give you gray hairs over. She'll laugh as you try to stop her dangerous behavior and scream like you're the worst mother in the world for letting her get hurt when she gets hurt anyway. Then she'll plant a big smooch on you and you'll forget all about everything except the fact that you're sure she's the sweetest baby on the planet.

Alexia said...

Love her little sassy self holding on with one hand! She is so independent (a blessing and a curse I'm sure)! Really does sound like she's thriving though. Don't worry she won't be dirty, malnourished and sleep-deprived forever! At least I hope not ; )

Mama Up! said...

Uh oh! Time to drop the crib mattress!

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