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Baby Log: Week 28

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marlie came down with a head cold at the start of the week (I think she caught the bug on her play date). Anyhoos, her nose was really congested...I'm taking copiuos amount of mucus that had to be removed by tissue, q-tip, wash cloth and aspirator. She hates anything hear her face so she would holler like we were subjecting her to water torture. If I left the boogies alone she turned around and wiped them on my shirt. The only funny thing about all of this was when she sneezed, a snot bubble would form on her nostril. Hilarious! What else happened this week-
  • She has mastered sitting herself up from a crawling position. She has also figured out how to sit on her knees.
  • She is still working on crawling forward. Right now it consists of a lot of rocking back and forth or lunging.
  • She has been talking up a storm! I'm pretty sure she is calling things by name. For example, when Damon comes home she starts "da-da-da-da" or "hi-ya" or "hi-da" and she says "gug" when she sees the dog.
  • Her sensory skills are on developing rapidly too. She loves to touch our faces. She puts everything in her mouth, especially tags. She always find them on blankets, towels, pillows and begins sucking on them.
  • Her taste buds are also blossoming. Sweet potatoes are still her favorite so we use them as the base and add pears, apples or bananas. She has been nursing better and I've noticed that she looks a bit plumper.
  • The weather is getting warmer, so we went for a couple of walks. I'm looking for more activities we can do together to get us out of the house. I was close to losing my mind there being shut-in because of the cold temperatures.
  • Damon and I attended an Open House at a neighborhood Montessori school since I'm planning to get a part-time job in the fall. We both like the idea of her being in a natural learning environment.
  • This week I won a copy of the new Sade CD Soldier of Love from the blog Execumama Online. Coolness!


Melissa B. said...

Yay for Marlie! And what a cutie patootie she's becoming...Happy Sunday!

Supermommy said...

aww yay big girl!

Alexia said...

Despite the boogers and snot bubbles sounds like a great week! Marlie is a great little eater! And a talker? Look out! My mother always said she was so excited for me to start talking, but once I did, I never stopped!

I know what you mean about getting outside, this winter has been LONG.

How is your dog doing? Have things been any better?

jmt said...

As our weather has changed from really cold to end of winter cold, allergies and colds have become prominent for our boys and their school friends. I wish you luck with removing the snot bubbles. :) I hope all is well! Happy Sunday.

Kimberly Grabinski said...

That sucks about the cold but the nostril bubble cracked me up...been there LOL

The Redhead Riter said...

You're so funny with the boogie bubble. LOL Is she over it now?

Jana Burrow said...

I love the snot bubbles! I mean, as much as you can love snot bubbles I suppose. Great post!

Maureensk said...

I love Sade, I've been a fan since high school! Sorry to hear that Marlie got sick. Viv has had a couple of colds, but still has never been very sick. The worst she's ever had was a runny nose. Not sure where she got her immune system from, none of my other kids were like that. What type of job e you getting? I really like the Montessori approach and you use a lot of Montessori materials for ages birth-8 or so.

keyalus said...

I need to investigate this Montessori thing. I've heard about it but never really checked into it.

I think it is so sweet when my baby grabs my face as if fascinated. Love it!

Nicole @ WhenDidIBecomeMyMom.com said...

I love how you love watching her grow. :-)

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