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Proskins SLIM 28 Day Challenge Week 2 Update

Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's the second week of the of the Proskins SLIM 28 Day Challenge. I have been wearing the Proskins Slim anti-cellulite leggings for 14 days now. Read my previous posts here and here.
proskins challenge
My results are a mixed bag. I see a slight decrease in my measurements and a bigger difference in the look and feel of my legs. So while my legs don't look like bowling pins yet, they are firming up and silkier to the touch.

I think the biggest change I have experienced since I started wearing Proskins is my outlook on fitness. I realize that working out 1-2 days a weeks is not cutting it. A product like Proskins is only going to work if I do my part (as in: quit the cookies and ice cream). I am redoubling my efforts to eat clean and exercise more.

On that note, here are my challenge results to date:

Baseline Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Hips 41" 40" 40.5"

Top of thigh 25" 25" 24"

Widest part of thigh 23" 22.5" 21.5"

Above knee 15.2" 15" 15"

Below knee 13" 13" 13"

Widest part of calf 12.5" 13" 13"


Mrs. K said...

Keep at it girlie. It's hard to eat healthier but practice practice practice. Celebrate whenever you make a good eating choice or avoid a poor eating choice--it's ok to cheer yourself on!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

great job! I don't remember if I commented before or not, but I read it. You're so busy now i'm sure it's hard getting in an extra day. How about a walk on lunch break?

Alicia said...

It takes an incredible amount of self-discipline to do this well. So... kudos to you for sticking it through! Keep it up!

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