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Grab the #GoodLife With Both Hands

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself JFK famously said. But we all know that is easier said than done.

When you are a parent, responsible for the health and happiness of one or more little human beings, you can become consumed with fear. You worry about keeping a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and clothes on their backs.

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Some precaution is a good thing but too much can paralyze you and prevent you from achieveing the Allstate Good Life, which is simply pushing aside fear and doubt in the pursuit of happiness then celebrating like it's 1999 when you overcome those hurdles.

Four years ago my husband and I moved to a city that I instantly hated. But he had a great-paying job that enabled us to buy an awesome house, start our family and allowed me to stay home to care for our babies. They say a happy wife equals a happy life but I was a desperate housewife!

I was miserable and I was making my family miserable too. So we began talking about moving. We immediately thought of California because it had always been our dream to live there. We were both used to taking personal risks but now we had two children to consider. California was way more expensive and so far away from our families in the southeast. Plus we didn't know a lot of people out west.

In the end we decided that the potential payoff outweighed the fear of the unknown. Last July we took that leap of faith and moved to the Golden Coast after my husband was offered a job in the Bay Area. Next month we celebrate our one year anniversary as Californians! I can say without a doubt moving here was the best decision for all of us. We love the culture, the people, the outdoors and we're making tons of friends. It's like we always belonged here!

You have to carpe diem with both hands! Tell me your good life story in the comments section! 

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Quiana said...

Wow! Almost one year already? Time does fly when you're having fun, right? So happy for you guys!

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