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The Kids' Log: January 13-19, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This was a good week. A really good week. And I have pictures!

The weather has been awesome. No rain and temperatures in the mid-60s. It was so pleasantly warm that I walked the kids to the organic ice cream shop after our park play date on Friday. On the way home I saw the most beautiful hummingbird in a flower garden. It was iridescent and just stopped me in my tracks. I fumbled in the diaper bag for my camera and scared it away.

Our mortgage bank accepted an offer on our home in Dallas. It will be a short sale, but that's better than no sale and foreclosure!

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 22 Weeks Old
kid eating ice creamMarlie is such a drama queen. All little kids have dramatic moments, but my child is a true dramatic actress. She moves and speaks with such performance. Even eating is like a mini play. When she is accepting her first academy award, I hope she mentions that her mother recognized her talent early on.

I don't know when she learned about dying. After a I squashed an ant she I told me I "died" it.

Baby Log: 40 Weeks Old
baby in the grass
Desmond has moved onto climbing. Stairs, chairs, the couch are all obstacle courses now. He tasted pineapple for the first time this week and he is a big fan. He is definitely a bigger eater than Marlie was at his age. He is also more physically aggressive than she was (hence the early walking). He attacks me when he's nursing. He pinches my ears, knees me in the ribs, tweaks my collar bone, and sometimes he goes for the jugular and squeezes my throat. He is like a scary character out of Shakespeare.


Maureensk said...

Glad the bank accepted the offer. Everything selling around here is short sales. For some reason, your description of Desmond nursing doesn't make me miss breast feeding at all, though photos of nursing babies always does, I wonder why that might be....could it because it sounds more like the description of a professional wrestling match?!?! :-) Good luck with that!

Kim said...

I'm laughing out loud at your description of your kids. Naveen was a real pincher. Now when he's not pleased he slaps me. Shaune is very adamant that we give him a time out but it seems harder for me. He seems like such a baby to me. Shaune constantly reminds me that we were giving Deaglan time outs at 2.5.

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