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The Kids' Log: Jan.6-12, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My apologies for another picture-less post. I must get better about that. I'm just so busy being in the moment, soaking up the experience with my kids that I forget to whip out the camera. That's not necessarily a bad thing, right? Speaking of photos, thanks for the votes in the contest! I think we won, but I haven't received notice yet.

This has been an up and down week. One positive was the return of Downton Abbey last Sunday. Did you watch? It was so worth the wait! The downside of this week is the overwhelming exhaustion I have been experiencing lately. The kind of tired that has me passing out on the couch at 7:30 pm most nights. It's no way to live. I am missing out on so much by falling asleep so early. I am pretty sure it's adrenal fatigue and now I have to go get checked out. The last time this happened I couldn't exercise for six months while I recovered. That would throw a huge monkey wrench in my marathon plans. That might be a non-issue since I don't seem to have the energy to go past 15 miles. Plus my training is suffering not being about to do serious mileage during the week. I might have to scale back to the half marathon.

I've answered my last door bell ring at 7 o'clock in the evening. It was bad enough with the political canvassers during election season, but a new wave of solicitations have started that consist of college students selling all sorts of crap to fund trips abroad and whatnot. They have no respect for sleeping babies or dinnertime. I decided a sign was in order. I was going to make one, but then turned to tried and true etsy and found a sizable selection. I picked a rustic design to match our exterior paint and I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. I almost went with a sign that read, "We already found Jesus, We already know who we are voting for and My kid is selling the same crap." But I decided to go with a less cheeky message.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 21 Weeks Old
Marlie had an interesting week. She was definitely happy to be back at school for a full week. She was so excited that she fell off the monkey bars again and bumped her chin on a bar on the way down. Ouch! She had a play date at our house on Saturday with the neighbors girls and they made sand art necklaces, terrariums, and paper plate insects. She is not the most gracious hostess. I had to keep reminding her to share and not boss her friends around. I have a feeling I am wasting my breath though. The girls are older so they are real patient with her and I am thankful for that.

Her vocabulary astounds me sometimes. Like when she says actually, mommy, I already went to the potty.

Baby Log: 39 Weeks Old
Desmond had his 9 month wellness check with the new pediatrician on Wednesday. We could no longer afford our beloved former pediatrician who was out-of-network. He is a super healthy little guy, but has only gained about 4 ounces in three months. I know this is due to his rather active lifestyle, but I want my chubby wubby Magoo back! He's added new moves to his walk, including pivoting and turning around in a circle.


Maureensk said...

Could you send me a link to the sign you ordered? I had one made that spells things out pretty clearly IMHO. It says, "No Soliciting - We do not buy, sell, donate, discuss religion or politics, etc. through the door. Thank you for respecting our privacy." We do get some smart ass comments sometimes though, like the pizza guy who asked, "Can we deliver pizzas here?" These comments usually make me want to clobber the person, but then I wonder if our sign is just too rude. Our city passed a rule that solicitors have to have a license to solicit and that has pretty much stopped the magazine sales people, who are the ones that are often ex-felons that are dropped off in the neighborhood for the whole day with promises of riches, which of course don't come true. There have been several cases of those salespeople raping, robbing, and/or assaulting people who answered the door. We've had problems with them looking in through the glass of our door, which kind of freaked me out and is why I had our sign made. Unfortunately, it always blows off the door during winter storms, so it has been put away the last couple of months...

Mama Up! said...

Does she use 'actually' a lot? P. is always saying "Actually, mama..." :)

Kim said...

Hmm I might order that sign. I can't take the knocking at 6 every night when we just get home. Yes please try harder with the pictures -we all need our fixes :)

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

Aww, poor Marlie! And that whole doctor out of network is a real pain in the hide quarters! It's always when you find the best doctor that your insurance hits you with the bad news.

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