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The Kids' Log November 25-December 1, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

We went Christmas tree shopping last weekend and bought a lovely Noble Fir. Took it home and decorated it with the help of a very enthusiastic three-year-old. The tree is only 5 feet, but it takes up a ton of space in our smaller house. The kids wouldn't leave it alone. Desmond pulled off all the bottom ornaments and Marlie kept messing with it. The solution was to move it to the foyer but it just looked wrong. So we moved it back to the living room but moved all the ornaments out of reach. The tree is now naked from the waist down. If they keep troubling it, we might have to put it on front porch. Speaking of the porch, there is enough sand out there that Marlie has tracked home from school to turn this house into beachfront property.

I had a dental checkup this week and lo and behold I have my first cavity (two actually). They are small, but I am still disgusted. My 36 year, cavity-free streak is over. I have to go back in January for fillings. Yay me.

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 15 Weeks Old
Watching her get excited about Christmas got me thinking about establishing some traditions. I thought an annual mother-daughter activity would be nice so I bought us tickets to the Nutcracker by the San Francisco Youth Ballet. Then I took her to World Market to pick out a Nutcracker doll. She chose one dressed in a fireman suit (of course). The plan is to buy her a nutcracker doll each year and hopefully build a collection.

We have been slowly getting back into homeschooling as I put her classroom together. This week we focused on patterns and fine motor skills by stringing beads: light, medium, dark and repeat the sequence. She is loving painting so we did that too. I got her a subscription to Highlight Magazine and she is a wiz at finding the objects hidden in the picture. Smart girl!

Baby Log: 33 Weeks Old
Little man has been struggling with the eczema which got worse while we were away. I gave him a bath of oatmeal and powdered milk and he broke out in hives. Probably not a good idea to give a kid with a dairy sensitive a bath in milk. Anyway, I took him to the pediatrician because the itching was interrupting his sleep. I relented to a prescription for hydro-cortisone while we try to pinpoint the cause of the eczema. In other news, he bit me a few times this week and for a minute I was about to put him on formula. Instead I remembered to not to overreact to the bite and de-latch once nursing was complete. We are back on good terms. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your tips on the tree. We will have a 'bottom-less' Fraser Fir at our place :)

Also I'm going to have to steal your Marlie & Mom tradition. Hope you don't mind. We watched the Nutcracker and C is obsessed. She would probably LOVE a nutcracker of her own too.

And yea, we're in nipple nibbling mode too. Has to be the WORST part of nursing, next to engorgment. Hang in there!!

Maureensk said...

Please, please, please, don't get those cavities filled without getting a second opinion first! I have figured out that dentists seem to "find" a lot of cavities in two's in people who have never had cavities before. I never had a cavity until my family moved to NJ when I was 10, when I had two cavities at each of my two exams. Then, we moved back to CA and I never had another cavity until as an adult, when I had two dentists, who were new to me at the time, tell me I had two cavities. My suspicions were finally confirmed, in my mind anyway, when both my son and I were diagnosed with two cavities when we switched to a new dentist here (my four eldest kids have never had a cavity). I took him to our pediatric dentist for a 2nd opinion and that dentist said that my son had no cavities. Meanwhile, I went to a different regular dentist for a 2nd opinion and he said I had no cavities. 6 years later, still no cavity. It makes you wonder if dentists learn somewhere that two is the thresh hold for how many cavities people are willing to believe they have w/o getting a 2nd opinion. So please, please, please, do yourself a favor and get a 2nd opinion, especially if you cannot see the cavities yourself. Once the tooth is drilled, you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life and it is a pain. Fillings have to be replaced, which means further drilling, which can result in your needing a crown or root canal (actually I personally don't believe in root canals). Plus, I've found that the type of dentists who seem to always "find" two cavities in people with no history of cavities tend to do really crappy filling jobs. One guy, here, who I stupidly let work on me, had to refill the cavity three times! Then it still wasn't right, but he up and left the area to travel the world on a sailboat as a missionary. So I was screwed and that cavity has plagued me since. Even if you do have cavities, if they are small, you might look into healing them. Most people think it is crazy, but you can actually heal cavities. Anyway, sorry for the rant, but this is an uber sensitive topic for me.

Maureensk said...

Okay, just read more of your post after my dentist rant... is Marlie homeschooling now? I thought you had found a great school? Did I miss something over Thanksgiving???? For the eczema, sorry if I have asked this before, have you experimented with laundry detergents? Also, fabric softener is banned in our house as so many of my kids are allergic to it. Plus, my friend was allergic to her family's dish washing detergent and broke out in humongous hives from it, until her dad figured out what it was. Also, when when my kids were infants and toddlers, we tried to keep bathing/water exposure to a minimum as that can cause eczema also (doctors now say that water exposure is okay if you get moisturizer on the skin before it dries). I never had any skin problems until recently, so I had to learn this all on the fly, back before the internet existed!. Oh yeah, the final thing I can think of is that one of my daughters could only wear Hanna Anderson clothes (which are expensive, of course!). Then I learned that there is a difference in cottons, depending on where they came from. Now, organic is so much easier to get, so that might be fine, no matter where it is from. 100% cotton is very breathable and gentle on the skin, but traditional farmers overload it with chemicals. So I am now assuming that it was the chemicals that were the problem for my daughter back then. At that time, Hanna Anderson got their cotton from Sweden. I'm not sure if they still do that, their quality isn't quite as good as it used to be.

Quiana said...

" The tree is now naked from the waist down." - this made me LOL! Our little tree sits on our buffet table. Nia could attack it I'm sure if she wanted to but thankfully never has. I've seen people gate their trees too so that might be a good option!

About cavities, I feel like I've had them especially when I left Ohio for MA to go to college and my town didn't have fluoride in the water. I would get them every year =(

And about Highlights, I LOVED that magazine as a kid! I remember Goofus and Gallant being my favorite feature as well as the the hidden pictures. I know Marlie will enjoy it and the mother-daughter tradition sounds fab. I'd love to start that with Nia next year especially as she's already expressing an interest in the Rockettes posters she sees around the city!

Mama Up! said...

I remember P.'s first Christmas - I was so afraid of how she'd handle everything that I think we may not have had a tree at all. The mister nipped that in the bud the following year, though. My strategy is just to ONLY hang wood, plastic, and metal ornaments. We had oodles of beautiful glass ornaments that haven't been on a tree in years and years (now it's kids, but then it was cats...)

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