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Rise of the Guardians: The Christmas Movie to Go See!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about Christmas traditions to do with my family. One activity I'd like to start is going to a movie on Christmas Day.

My choice for this year is the animated film Rise of the Guardians starring Alec Baldwin, Isla Fisher, Hugh Jackman, and Chris Pine and directed by Peter Ramsey, the first African-American to direct an animated film.&

Rise of the Guardians is an eye-popping visual story of how a band of chilhood mythical characters like including Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy join forces to stop an evildoer from taking over the world. Judging from the trailer, it is a thrilling adventure for moviegoers. It is also rated PG so, its the kind of holiday film the entire family can enjoy.

Marlie and me watched the trailer together and she is definitely excited about the movie. After opening the box of goodies we received, she was even more amped!

Rise of the Guardians poster



KMN said...

Oh she is absolutely ADORABLE!

That is a great idea: Christmas day movies...I might have to try that this year. Because MIB is so into 3D right now and Mommy's NOT getting a 3D tv lmao...

And I'm interested in that movie too...it looks really well made


Quiana said...

My family is all about the Christmas Day movie! This year we're planning to see The Hobbit, but I really want to see Les Mis or Gatsby.

Maureensk said...

We watched this on Thanksgiving Day (our Thanksgiving tradition is to see a Christmas movie on Thanksgiving Day). It was really good, but a bit scary in parts. The Little Miss has been obsessed with it since we saw it and we've been playing Jack Frost and Tooth Fairy games since.

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