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The Kids' Log: December 16-22

Sunday, December 23, 2012

This week was mostly a foggy blur. I took a break from blogging out of respect for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. My heart is still aching for them, my mind is still trying to process it. I am still a jumble of nerves, but my kids deserve to have me present and not locked in an emotional limbo. So yesterday we started taking steps to revive the Christmas spirit. Damon played Christmas music and we took Marlie to a toy store to pick out gifts for herself with the Christmas money her great-granny and uncle sent her. She chose a fire truck (of course) and a jumbo puzzle. There was a face paint artist in the toy shop and she gave Marlie a nice Santa on her cheek and peppermint swirls above her brow. There was a man singing Christmas carols on the sidewalk and we stopped to listen then Marlie gave him a tip. By the time we reached the holiday party we were invited to, I was in a better mood (especially after two glasses of coquito egg nog!)

Toddler Log: 3 Years and 18 Weeks Old
The Christmas spirit is certainly alive in Marlie. All she talks about is Santa though, which bugs me so I pulled out our Nativity set and tried to explain to her the real reason we celebrate Christmas. I got to the the part where the three kings bought gifts to the baby Jesus and she demanded that I give her the presents they are holding. #momfail. I have never been a fan of Santa, but I know better than to squash my child's delicate imagination. Still, I would like for her to have some sense of what Christmas is really about. If the cartoons and commercials are going to tell her that it's all about Santa and getting presents then it's my job to teach her about Christ and the miracle of his birth, right?

Marlie had an accident on the monkey bars at school earlier this week that left her with a scraped chin and a small chip on her upper incisor. I didn't rush her to the dentist but have been monitoring it for discoloration, looseness and signs of infection. So far it doesn't seem to be be bothering her so I think we're in the clear.

Lately she has been showing an interest in playing games together. She loves hide-n-seek and puzzles. I recently got a board game that consists of picture tiles that players use to tell a story. To my amazement she understood it and was telling tales that began with "once upon a time." She and her daddy started doing kiddie yoga and it's cute to watch them enjoy that activity together.

Baby Log: 36 Weeks Old
Mr. Busybody continues to be the Happiest Baby on Earth. He gets the title because everyone comments on what a happy baby he is, LOL! He should be with all the attention he gets! He is developing a mischievous side that is going to give his Big Sister a run for her money. He is already preparing for his role as Annoying Little Brother by pulling her hair, getting into her things, and knocking down the block castles she builds. But he's such a charmer, that she can't stay mad at him.


Kimberly Grabinski said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

I will leave you with my new favorite Christmas song. The song isn't new but I just discovered it and I love the sound and message of it.

Maureensk said...

Our Little Miss is really into Santa this year also. She is more interested in the why's and wherefore's though (like "How does Santa get down the chimney?", "Am I on the naughty list?" and so forth). She doesn't get the whole consumerist thing, partly because we don't watch commercial TV (Netflix is so much more convenient for us). Today, she is sick, so we've been watching a Christmas special series on Nickelodeon. Well, now she wants a light up blanket, some creepy slippers, a glitter tattoo kit, a play dough gumball machine, etc. She wouldn't even play with these things for ten minutes, but she says she wants all of them. Needless to say, I'm eager to getting back to watching Netflix only.

Unknown said...

The kids, how fun....watching them go through changes is priceless.

The Redhead Riter said...

Merry Christmas!!!

I know your home was filled with laughter, paper and food everywhere and lots of love. {{{hugsss}}}

Quiana said...

Sorry to hear about Marlie's accident, but hope she gets well soon. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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