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The Kids' Log May 27-June 2, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I had to take a break from blogging this week. The sadness triggered by the death of my high school classmate was threatening to engulf me. If you have or know someone with a depressive personality then you know what I am talking about. One minute everything is sunny and the next minute something turns off all the lights and the darkness starts to swallow you up. I have become an expert at crawling out of the abyss, but it is exhausting...even more so now that I have children. I no longer have the luxury of curling up in bed and riding it out. And that's what pulled me through this episode, those two beautiful (sometimes aggravating) kids of mine. Because who has time to be depressed when there are boo-boos to bandage and raspberry kisses to plant on bellies? They need me and that's the best therapy for the blues.

So I went on a little mental vacation where I finished the last two books in The Hunger Games trilogy. I am still thinking about the book's message of the inhumanity of the human race, which seems to have been lost of some people judging by their reactions on twitter to a black girl being cast as Rue in the movie. sigh. I also entered a gazillion sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests because getting an email that I won something always cheers me up. Fingers crossed.

Toddler Log: 2 Years and 41 Weeks Old
We trekked up to IKEA on Monday to buy Lady Marlie a bookcase for her overflowing collection of books. She calls it her library. She came down with cold symptoms on Tuesday night and I am starting to think that her school is becoming a petri dish. Granted she gets sick a lot less than other kids because I try to keep her immune system in top shape with a healthy diet. Believe me when I say it's in the best interest of my sanity to keep her healthy, but I am guilty of not adhering to our sugar ban. Marlie has had way too much sugary treats and not enough immune-boosting foods lately. I need to get strict with the sugar limitation again because we are both paying for the lapse now.

A sick Marlie is extra everything...extra sensitive, extra demanding, extra whiny, extra high maintenance. She woke up with a fever on Wednesday and I knew I was in for a special day when the first thing she did was she complain that the lights in bedroom were too bright for her eyes. Then she was too weak to hold her cup and asked me to help her drink her milk. Then she was too hot so I turned up the A/C. Then she was too cold. Then she couldn't decide what to watch on Netflix. Then she expected me to fetch everything for her. And on top of it all, she wouldn't take a nap so I could at least catch my breath for 60 minutes. She was back to her regular self by the afternoon. Too sick for school, but well enough to dance and sing to Yo Gabba Gabba and bounce off the walls. Go figure.

We had a previously scheduled appointment at the pediatrician to get shots for summer camp and I asked the doctor to rule out strep since there was a case of it at her school. The verdict was that she just had a case of the common cold. She stayed home for two unhappy days ("can I go to school now?" she asked often) and I got the pleasure of taking care of her by myself since her daddy skipped town went on a business trip again. When he got back on Friday evening he noticed something in her foot. It was a mega splinter that required him pinning her down while I extracted it with a needle and tweezers (I'm an expert splinter remover by the way). The wound was already puss filled which makes me wonder how long it had been there. She never complained about it which is not like her.

Baby Log: 9 Weeks Old
Magoo continues to do what babies do. I spent this week trying to prevent him from catching his big sister's cold which is no small feat because she loves to give hugs and kisses (and germs). So far he is mucus-free. He is holding onto to objects now and likes to tug on my shirt. He can also push his pacifier back in his mouth with his fist if it's within reach. He likes to stick his tongue out, but just the tip. It's a little odd. He is responding to playtime with giggles and belly laughs and his jerking arms and legs around wildly. He loves to play. He is also vocalizing big time especially when people are talking around him like he is trying to join the conversation.


Maureensk said...

One of my kids was a tongue-sticker-outer. It continued for years. Then one day she was sliding down a slide and had an abrupt stop and bit through her tongue. I am not kidding! It was soooooo disgusting and I was totally freaking out! We were snowed in, so I called the nurse on call and she said the tongue heals amazingly well, so just give her some Popsicles to suck on. Sure enough, she was right as rain by the next day. No scars, nothing. So if Desmond ever does that, don't freak, it's not as bad as it looks. You also might as well accept that there is some law of nature that dads are always traveling when bad things, such as colds, injuries requiring stitches, etc. happen. They don't plan it that way, it is just some sort of law that you never were taught in school (probably because none of us would reproduce if we had been taught it). They are also never around when the kids have "birds and the bees" questions, especially if the kid is a boy. So when your Desmond asks, "Mommy, why does my penis sometimes get hard?", don't be surprised if Damon is "working hard" in the Bahamas.

keyalus said...

I totally get the thing about the high school friend who died. A friend I went to school with from elementary-high school died unexpectedly of a stroke last year. She had 3 young boys, one of whom was a newborn in the NICU. Her death hit me hard because it just seemed so unfair. I still feel young and people I know, people with young kids are just not supposed to die like that!

I don't think you should blame yourself or sugar for Marlie getting sick at school. Schools *are* petri dishes mainly because toddlers don't have good sense about germs. :) There is only so much you can do!

Mama Up! said...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry things have been rough for you! I'm the kind of gal who will fall into a funk, too, so I know the feeling. Kudos to you for going to Ikea as a family - you're a lot braver than I am!

(And thanks for all the good thoughts you've been sending my way lately!!)

Anonymous said...

hey friend! I figured you weren't blogging because you had a case of the sads. I'm sorry.

I'm glad that you've adjusted well to having 2 and Marlie girl has adjusted to him being there all the time. Thats really a great thing.

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your friend! I agree, having kids that need you does pull you out of it pretty fast. I needed your expertise in splinter removal last week! Deaglan had two in his foot and we couldn't get them out. Luckily they came out on their own.

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