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The Kids' Log: June 3-9, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This week was busy, busy, busy! It started off with Damon leaving on another trip Sunday-Monday, but me and the kids have our party of three routine down to a science. The rest of the week we had check-ups and errands and birthday parties, oh my! I also picked up another book recommended by a reader (thanks, Harlem Minded!). The Last Warner Woman, by Jamaican author Kei Miller is "a story about magic and migration, stories and storytelling, and the New and Old Worlds, we discover it is never one person who owns a story or has the right to tell it" (taken from Amazon.com book summary). I am excited to read it! 

Toddler Log: 2 Years 42 Weeks Old:  
Marlie attended a day camp this week in the heart of downtown. It took 20-30 minutes of fighting rush hour traffic to get her there every morning and pick her up, but it was worth it on two levels. One, I loved seeing her make new friends and second, she attended camp until 5 pm so I got extra me time. I needed that space too because she has been trying my patience all week. I finally laid down the law on Monday and took away the TV for the rest of the week. She was watching too much anyway. With the boob tube out of the way, she had to occupy herself with books and other materials in her classroom. It was good to see her playing again with her educational toys instead of being glued to the television screen. 

She continues to frustrate me one second and amaze me the next. Lately, every other sentence out of her mouth is, "I WANT..." as in I want chocolate milk (her new obsession), I want to watch TV, I want to go to the park. Sometimes she just says it to say it and in that case she'll say, "I want something." I think she just WANTS to annoy me. Then her sweet side fights its way out and she'll say, "thank you for my chocolate milk mommy, I love you." I cut my finger on Tuesday and she asked to see it and then instructed me to apply pressure and a band-aid to make it feel better. She said it just like that. She is so smart and compassionate. I could just picture her in a white doctor's coat treating sick kids in a poor village somewhere. 

She had a dental check up on Thursday. The dentist said her teeth look great except for some crowding with the lower front teeth. We also need to get to flossing those pearly whites again. She was upset that they were out of balloons. We went to lunch at Whole Foods and then the bookstore where she picked up a Spider-Man doll to make up for not getting a balloon. They had splash day at camp on Friday, which was a nice way to end it. Another Saturday, another birthday party. That was Marlie's week! 

Baby Log: 10 Weeks Old 
Magoo likes to stretch his arms above his head in a champ pose, loves to smile at his big sister, but still freaks out in the car seat. He had his two-month wellness check up on Monday. He is now 22 inches long and weighs just shy of 12 lbs. His pediatrician was super impressed with his growth and development especially when he showed off his rolling over skills. She said his hernia will repair itself in the next couple of years, so that was good news. But she pointed out some wheezing she heard during his chest exam. It is something we have to watch to make sure it's nothing serious like asthma. Of course I get all paranoid. He's had a cough since Tuesday and I am trying not to worry about it since he doesn't have a fever. But by Friday he was congested and we were up in the early morning hours sitting in the steamy bathroom while the hot water filled his lungs with soothing steam. He was breathing better after that and went back to sleep.

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Maureensk said...

Wow! Marlie sure is precocious! Is Mr. M's hernia in his abdomen? What caused it? That is great that you guys have your routine down so pat! It's funny, if I took away TV from Dora, she wouldn't even notice. Sometimes, I wish she would actually watch TV, just so I could get a short break. She likes to have it on at times, but usually isn't really watching it. The only time that she really watches it is on Saturday nights, when she and I have our "movie nights". I started it to distract her from hubby watching scary movies with our olders and it became a weekly thing. Even then, it is via Netflix or iTunes, because Dora does not tolerate commercials. Does Marlie mind commercials? I wonder if this generation will grow up hating commercials like my olders generation grew up hating the phone (they use it, just not to talk on it).

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Marlie is just the cutest little girl....whenever you describe her i can just see her too...love the bandage story. Did
Marlie also have congestion? I feel like I'm going to be one paranoid mama too!!

Anonymous said...

Aww marlie girl. She reminds me so much of Jas. She's in her I WANT phase too. It really annoying lol. I need more pics of that baby boy. Thanks! Lol

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