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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 16 Weeks Old

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How do I describe this week without complaining because we just celebrated a day of thanks after all and I hate to sound ungrateful? Never mind. I am going to let loose with the whining because this week was rough as in stressful and downright exhausting (and this is my blog, so I'll cry if I want to). Notice the lack of posts, tweets, and Facebook status updates. Notice my absence from your blogs. When I disappear from the scene you know something is up. But the week had it's bright spots. I'd say it was stormy with blue skies on the horizon. A dark tunnel with a light at the end. A bumpy road with some smooth patches. Let me break it down:

  • Marlie returned to school after a 3-day break for the holidays. She had been asking about school and her friends all last weekend, but I still think I missed school more than she did. 
  • My mother-in-law has been visiting us for the past for two weeks. While I enjoy the company and Marlie is gaga for "gran-ma," having family stay with you for extended periods of time can be stressful on several levels. Schedules and routines are affected, and I am someone who needs order to feel centered. Plus, my MIL is wheelchair-bound and cannot lift her arms above shoulder length. So, picture my 5-months pregnant self wrangling a rambunctious 2 year-old all day and also having to help her with certain tasks. I am burned out! One more week to go.
  • After two attempts to fix the lights on the Christmas tree so that the decorating could commence, I broke down and bought new strands. Totally worth it. Now if I could just keep some grabby fingers off it. 
  • I don't think I have shared this before, but we put our house on the market this summer (before we found out I am pregnant). Prospects weren't looking good, so we took it off for the holidays. I also needed a break from the grind of getting a 2700 sq ft house clean and "staged" for showings. Lo and behold our agent calls with a special request to show to a couple from out-of-town. For the first showing, Damon stayed home and helped get the place ready. Then we all piled in the car and left. Well the couple really liked the house and wanted to come back on Thursday while Damon was in Chicago. So I had to do the cleaning and staging by myself and we couldn't leave because I am not capable of getting my MIL down our driveway and into my car. I am still tired from the cleaning and staging. It was worth it though because we got an offer! Please pray that this sale goes through. 
  • Marlie and me had what I call our first mother-daughter fight on Friday. You may be wondering how a mother "fights" with a 2 year-old. It starts when the mother asks the 2 year old to sit quietly for a moment because mommy is literally about to collapse from exhaustion and the 2 year old interprets that as a challenge to behave as obnoxious as possible. When begging, bribing, and threatening discipline didn't work...mommy went off the deep end and locked herself in her room. The 2 year old stood outside the door throwing a tantrum, but mommy refused to come out because she thinks that it's time the 2 year olds learned that grown ups have feelings too. Daddy waltzed in the door (at 7 pm) and wonders what the devil is going on. Mommy turned on him. I am a human being for crying out loud (a very pregnant one at that!). I have been on my feet for a whole day getting the house ready for a showing. I have been up to my eyeballs in dishes, dirty laundry, and diapers (did I mention she has totally regressed on the potty learning?) all week. I have not been out of the house all week except to run Marlie to and from school and a quick run to the grocery store. I had reached my limit. So I let him have it for intervening in my parenting lesson, for coming home so late on a Friday, for abandoning me here with his mom. On one level, I was upset about being taken for granted and being taken advantage of because I am home. On a whole different level, I was frightened about needing to lock myself away before I lost control with my child. I didn't think he understood that I was under too much pressure at that moment. We didn't speak until Saturday morning, then I felt better after getting some stuff off my chest.


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww wow...it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now...I think you had to keep the door closed to keep your sanity...we are all human...hope things get better soon like you said one more week and your plate will become a little lighter...but honestly the sight of you and Marlie makes me smile...something out of a movie:-)

Mama Up! said...

Don't worry - I think everyone freaks out now and then but most people aren't brave enough to share! I have started telling the Babby when she is being obnoxious that if she wants to tantrum, she needs to do it in her room. It sounds terrible, but when nothing at all - I mean nothing - will console her, what else can I do? (That way I don't have to confine myself in my room!)

Kimberly Grabinski said...

Your tree is GORGEOUS!

The house next door to me is for sale. You really should buy it.

Good luck with the offer!

Krissy said...

Just one more week!

I send jas to the room when she wants to have a tantrum. I don't deal with that type thing at all. She usually has her meltdown and then returns with apologies.

Praying for your home sale so you can come out to cali finally! :)

Maureensk said...

I am so sorry the week was that rough on you! I totally know what you mean about husbands abandoning you to deal with their parents. My husband is always "suddenly busy" when his parents (now just his mom) come to visit. Then when I leave him alone with is mom, she gloms on to me the minute I walk in the door, because his idea of socializing with her is to fall asleep on the couch. I end up taking care of everyone and am always amazed when I make it through family visits without being committed or committing homicide. I just pray that I can actually be helpful when I visit my children or that I have the sense to stay in a hotel, keep my visits short, and not come over for the whole day. Everyone needs "me" time. I hope you make it through the next week with your sanity in tact! Just leave the house next time Damon comes home like that and go get a massage or something. Good luck with the house! I hate having a house on the market and having to try to keep it clean all the time! It's enough to never move again.

Kim said...

Awww, Teresha, I have so been there. It is exhausting being pregnant and taking care of a busy toddler. Beyond exhausting. And you are a saint to have your wheelchair bound mil for two weeks while trying to sell the house. EEEEKKKKK! Hugs my friend!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

I hope this week is better for you. I'm the same way when we have company. It makes me feel bad but we get use to having our space to ourself.

Lee-Ann said...

Awww, it happens to the best of us hon. Try to get some time to yourself this week, take a break and do something just for you. Hugs.

Alexia said...

Oh man. What a week. I had that week a couple of weeks ago. It's just so damn hard sometimes. What's hard is that the dads don't seem to get just how hard it can be. Just remember to be kind to yourself, if you need a break from your little Angel, take it!! It will only benefit all of you (Little Chocolate Chip the most!) Hope this week is better!

P.S. I think it should be universally known that pregnant woman do NOT need house guests. Ever. No matter how lovely or close they are it's always WAY more work than we ever need to take on!

Quiana said...

Hope all goes well with your house on the market! Living in NYC I saw 2,700 sq ft (and so did DH reading over my shoulder!) and we both gasped. LOL! Also, about that first fight. I am so not looking forward to my first fight with Nia. We have our challenges now that she's a toddler and I just picked up "Scream Free Parenting" today from the library. Haven't got to that point yet but doing some preventative work ;-)

keyalus said...

I am so sorry you had such a rough week!

Honestly, you've got me very scared to get preggo again right. My nerves are already on edge dealing with a toddler at this age. Lewis really knows how to test us now and he is doing it on purpose. No spankings have been doled out yet and I'm not even sure we are going to spank him, but he has taken me to the edge more often than I like. It really does scare you someone so little that you love so much can push you to that point like that. We are parents but we are still people, you know?

Does selling the house mean you might be coming back to Atlanta?!? :)

ZuZu said...

What a busy time! I hope things brighten up and the rest of your Christmas season is joyful and peaceful.

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