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Does Your Kid Need Help With College Applications?

Monday, December 12, 2011

I remember when I was applying for college admissions and scholarships that I spent a lot of time on the essay portion because I was told it could make the difference between acceptance and rejection. It was nerve-wracking!

The essay is just as important in today's college application process, even more so because there is now a writing portion on the SATs. If your teenager is is feeling overwhelmed by all of those essays, you should consider hiring a writing tutor.

An online writing tutor has many benefits: the convenience of being accessible from anywhere, using computer technology that your child access any time, and one-on-one instruction. You might find yourself signing up for tutelage for applying to a graduate school program or getting help polishing that novel you've been working on.The tutors at TheWritingFaculty.com are experts in developing the writing skills of their students from elementary school to college and beyond!



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