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Love Bytes Tip #1: Take Off/Put on the Costume

Monday, January 31, 2011

Marriage is a marathon.
If you expect to finish the race, you have to pace yourself.
You have to replenish the body of matrimony.
Then you stand a good chance of going the distance.

Tip for the Men:

In our post-women's lib era, it's politically incorrect to see us as damsels in distress. Women bring home the bacon AND fry it up in the pan. In reality, the Superwoman costume can wear thin. Women juggle multiple roles...wife, mother, professional, housekeeper, social secretary, family mediator, caregiver to pets...the list is never-ending. Often, we are pulled in so many directions that it feels like we will be ripped apart. It's okay to swoop in and rescue us from ourselves on occasion. Pick-up dinner on your way home so we don't have to cook, take the kids to the park on a Saturday morning so we can sleep in, do a load of laundry! Taking something off of our plate shows that you understand that it can be overwhelming for use sometimes and that you appreciate all that we do for our families. So, go ahead and don the cape!

Tip for the Women:

Just like Superwoman, Superman has an alter ego - Clark Kent. While you see Superman fighting the evils of a demanding job, taking out the trash, cleaning poopy diapers and handling the "man work" around the house with little or no complaints - don't forget that Clark needs his ego stroked from time to time. When your hubby gets home from work, give him a kiss and ask him about his day (odds are, it was almost as demanding as yours). When your hubby (or you) leaves from work in the morning - kiss him like he is Superman (and not your kid brother). A little stroke of the ego goes a long way.


Alexia said...

Amen on both accounts!! I shared this with my hubby and he said "Note taken". Hope that means he understood ; )

Kimberly Grabinski said...

Perfect analogy...

...now if only I could get hubby to wear the tights every once in awhile...hmmmmm

jmt said...

I could easily say, "these are great and I agree!"...it's much tougher to say, thanks. I needed to hear that. My Clark could use an ego stroking and I have probably failed on that front more often lately. I will go kiss him now. :)

Alicia said...

Great tips for the married folk out there. This'll go a long way.

Anonymous said...

Oh man this is so true. I've been known on occasion to kiss the man like he's made of chocolate! But I really should be doing that on a more consistent basis, I hear ya. :o)

My best, Lynn

Radical Selfie said...

I love that each of you offered tips for both parties. This is important to me because it's sometimes easy to assert our own needs without taking into equal account HIS needs/feelings. Great stuff guys! Much appreciated!

Maureensk said...

I love hearing advice from the guy's perspective!

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