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The Overdue New Year's Post

Monday, January 3, 2011

I am late to 2011.

Most other bloggers have posted there new year's resolutions. But I am a non-conformist and I don't do resolutions, which is why I didn't post anything as the last decade came to a close (actually the decade ended in 2009, but 2010 has the number 10 in it and there are 10 years in a decade. plus it sounds right to say the decade ended in 2010). I'm off on tangents again. Back to what I was saying...

I still feel the need to offer something in the way of great expectations for this year. Something for me look forward to, something to light the fire under my ever-expanding bum, something to look back on and say, "I was right!" So, I present my predictions for 2011 (which are not the same as resolutions):
  • I predict I will lose 10 pounds and get back to my ideal weight of 125 lbs before Spring. Maybe I might even shed more weight in less time.
  • I predict I will have my blog redesigned
  • I predict that I will get a Canon Rebel T2i, relearn photography and join a shutterbug club
  • I predict I will return to the workforce doing a job that combines my former experience in community service with my new skills in social media
  • I predict that I will have an awesome 35th birthday
  • I predict that I will be a published literary author
  • I predict that I Cory Monteith (play Finn on GLEE) will be cast as Clark Kent in the new Superman remake. He has that smoldering hunk hidden beneath an endearing, dorky exterior thing down pat. He could bring the right combo of cheesy and charm to the film.
What are your predictions for 2011?


Mrs. K said...

Like you, I don't make new year's resolutions but your predictions are so neat. I hope that all you predict will come true soon (and of course on God's time). Take care and happy new year :)

Darcel said...

Nice predictions! Love the last one.

Alexia said...

Love this list!! All of these predictions seem incredibly possible. I wish you luck with all of it.

My predictions? Losing the 40 lbs of baby weight I'm still lugging around my summer. Agreed on the redesigned blog...but I also predict a move to Word Press for me. Definitely predicting relearning photography on my T1i and taking some gorgeous pics of my baby without spending another dime. Predicting that I too will go back to work part-time at a local library. I predict I will write a screenplay with my sister this year. And finally, I predict I will be pregnant with baby #2 this year.

And Finn...he's got Clark/Superman in the bag!! Love him ; )

Kim said...

Love this list! And I'm jealous that your goal is to get down to 124. I'm trying to lose ten pounds to get down to 130. I definitely could see the Glee guy as Clark Kent.

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