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The PERFECT 1st Birthday Outfit

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I hope it's no shock to you that I can get a little obsessed, downright compulsive even. Right now I am consumed with winning a $25 gift certificate to My Baby Clothes Boutique on the blog Babies Gotta Have It. Why, you ask? Because in this store is the outfit. What outfit, you ask? This dress...

What's so special about this dress, you ask? It's The.Perfect.Outfit for Marlie's 1st birthday party next month. I want it badly. So badly that I am writing this post to earn an extra entry into the giveaway. I am also writing this post to my detriment because if all of you enter too it will lower my odds of winning. See what I did there? Laid a little guilt on y'all, but don't let that stop you from entering the giveaway. By all means rob my baby of her perfect party dress for the only 1st birthday she will ever have. Nah, really, it's okay. I can draw a number 1 with a sharpie on a onesie and she'll wear that. Just kidding. I want that dress!
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