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Baby Log: Week 36

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My friend Tiki and her husband were visiting this week which served as a welcome break from the usual monotony of my daily schedule. She and I hung out while her husband attended a seminar then the four of us had dinner on Friday night. It was a sweet end to an exhausting week:
  • Ever since we got back from Miami, Marlie has been...how-should-I-say-this...rather difficult? Her sleep is off and she has developed an aversion to riding in her car seat. Every car trip starts and ends with a crying marathon. What gives, baby girl?
  • My theory is that she now equates the car seat with being constrained. She has free range at home. We let her crawl any- and everywhere under our watchful eyes. Translation: watching out to make sure she does not get hurt and does the minimum amount of damage to our things. With so much freedom, no wonder the little rug rat hates being restrained.
  • Marlie is working hard at standing up without support. She does this bouncing thing when she is sitting like she is trying to launch herself upright. She loves to use the furniture to pull herself up. She recently learned to stand on her tippy toes to reach for objects that I have pushed out of her reach (too smart!).
  • Other things she started doing this week: picking her nose (!), doing the sit-n-spin (cute!), eating teething biscuits (yum!)
  • I won some blog giveaways this week: UPrinting postcards at The Redhead Riter and a copy of An Uncertain Pilgrim from Leslie Loves Veggies


Help! Mama Remote... said...

I'd take my daughters playpen when we go on trips because that's usually when her sleep will get off wack. The carseat is another story. Just so happen we try not to travel to far because when we do that's when we hear all the hollering.

Unknown said...

Oh the phases they go through, what fun LOL!

Luckily my kids always liked the car although my daughter figured out how to unlatch her car seat straps at 1 yr old.....

SE'LAH... said...

look at her go...(and grow).

what a blessing.
one love.

The Redhead Riter said...

LOL LOL LOL picking her nose LOL LOL LOL

Isn't motherhood grand?

Alyssa didn't like picking her nose. She liked finding little things and putting them into little holes like electrical sockets, the bristles of my hair brush, between the rubber seals of the refrigerator door. Sometimes she couldn't make it fit so she just left things hanging LOL

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