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Baby Log: Week 38

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm still in the blogger weeds, but I am determined to keep up with the baby log. So here goes...
  • My first Mother's Day was "interesting." I woke up tired because our little night-waker would not sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time and also because I was keeping an eye on Damon's labored breathing. The next morning he looked like hell, I felt like hell, and Marlie was acting like a hellion. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and hauled Damon's butt to Urgent Care where he received a diagnosis of an upper respiratory infection brought on by severe allergies (aw, springtime!). They gave him a shot of steroids for the inflammation and a prescription for an inhaler. He took one puff of that thing and the tightness in his chest was gone. I was relieved, but the day was gone. We were all too tired to go out. I was even too tired to take my gift out of the box. I got a sewing machine! I can't wait to take a class and start making Marlie dresses and tutus and doll clothes!
  • Momma Bear's next move was to investigate the night-waking. We changed out the scratchy sheets. We bought a CD player and streamed lullabies. But the break in the case appeared on Thursday...a third tooth is coming in, an incisor on the upper deck, right field. Once the swelling went down, she was sleeping more soundly. But, my body clock hasn't readjusted and I'm still waking up anticipating her cries.
  • Marlie is almost sleeping through the night, until 4/4:30 am. She wakes up around midnight, but Damon goes in and hushes her back to sleep. I attribute this to the extra food she's been eating at dinner. Girlfriend has discovered her appetite, and I'm loving it! Around 6 pm, I nurse her and then give her some oatmeal with applesauce. She eats it all! Then I sleep nurse her around 8:30/9 pm. So far this method is working like gangbusters. She has also been eating half a scrambled egg at breakfast.
  • After months of da-da this and daddy that, she is finally saying mama, but it comes out meh-meh and she only says it when she wants to nurse. She could actually be saying milk. Who knows?
  • We went out to dinner on Saturday. Marlie took a keen interest in one of the waiters. She just stared at him as he poured our water, then she followed him around the restaurant with her eyes. He smiled at her when he noticed her staring and she giggled! Now way, you say?! It gets better! He comes over to say hello and she sticks out her hand as if to say, au chante! Isn't she too young to be flirting?
  • I won a coupon for a free carton of Silk Almond Milk from The Cloth Diaper Report this week. :->


The Redhead Riter said...

A sewing machine!!!! That is too exciting. I love to sew and find it so relaxing.

Stesha said...

Good deal! I want a sewing machine too. And I can relate to the teething. The twins are having a rough time...and so am I.

Hugs and Mocha,

always4evamoi said...

- giving you a big hug...i feel you :)

- a sewing machine? nice. can't wait to see your final designs.

- lolol@ the restaurant. she's too much. that was priceless. love it.

things will get better as she grows older. you are doing a great job. don't stress so much. you are doing very well. you WILL get your sleep back. speak it into being. :)

Anonymous said...

We have teething going on over here too. The upper middle incisors are both coming in at the same time.

Oh, I just discovered Silk Almond Milk and it's delicious!

Anonymous said...

We have teething going on over here too. The upper middle incisors are both coming in at the same time.

Oh, I just discovered Silk Almond Milk and it's delicious!

septembermom said...

Teething is a tough time. It's great when that passes.

Love it that she's flirting :) So cute!!

Hope everyone in your house gets some sleep tonight!

Lee-Ann said...

What a cute little flirt! She sounds like she is doing great. :)

Maureensk said...

We're teething here too. Also an incisor, her last one. She's a late teether, plus got her teeth in a strange order. She already has her one-year molar, but is now missing the teeth between the incisors and molars (all four of them are missing with no indication that they're coming anytime soon).

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Aw How I remember these days...but believe me when I say they grow up way toooooo fast

Alexia said...

Seems like in a way your Mother's Day was full really a full on Mother Day. You had to nurse your husband and child! They are so blessed to have you!

Marlie sounds like a toddler in all her new found appetite, talking and flirting! Flirting?! Cute and scary all at the same time!

Thanks for recommending Super Baby Foods! We're gonna start solids in a couple of weeks!

Betty Manousos said...

Sewing takes away my stress and makes me feel good.
Big hugs!
B xx

Kimberly Grabinski said...

The flirting story cracked me up!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Wow. I'm sure you are in the weeds. You seem to be picking them one by one though. My daughter was waking up at night a few weeks ago and I thought.... I think she's growing. Sure enough she's not able to walk under the table now. They don't cry for no reason.

jmt said...

Nice update. :) Sorry I haven't been around....

Getting sick and not sleeping around mama's day is no fun, but at least it sounds like you're all getting better. The allergies have hit us all really hard here as well. Okay, not me...but all the men in my house.

Happy Wednesday!

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