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Baby Log: Week 39

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's been another post-less/picture-less week. But I still have baby log!
  • The week started with her 9-month wellness exam. She weighs a whopping 14 lbs. 11 oz...a future heavyweight contender! hee. hee. What my baby lacks in bulk she makes up for in length. At 28 inches long, she has jumped from the lower 40th to the 50th percentile in height. Dr. Agrawal says she is going to be tall and skinny like a supermodel. um, okay...with a mom who is 5'2" and a dad who is 5'6" that will be a genetic marvel. Her pediatrician declared her in good health and then it was time for shots and a blood draw for anemia/lead testing. Marlie was so brave! She didn't cry at all when the nurse nicked she toe for the blood draw. She did cry when she got her shots, but was over it by the time we got to the elevators.
  • Marlie is becoming quite the busybody. Her curiosity puts her in the most interesting situations like crawling into spaces she cannot free herself from. It has also brought about her first injury, a scratch to the right temple she received after knocking her head into the corner of a bookcase while trying to reach for a book. At least she is taking an interest in literature.
  • She is also very nosy! If something is going on out of her line of sight she will crane her neck to get a peak. I think she is going to be a reporter.
  • She is improving on her standing time. She can now stand unsupported for about 5 seconds. She has started to shake her head from side to side to say no. We don't know where she picked this up from. She also extends her arm like saying stop when she does not want to be approached (usually when she is doing something she shouldn't). Again, we have no idea where she is learning this.
  • Her night-waking comes and goes while that third tooth continues to push its way through.
  • This week I made her a green smoothie (pureed spinach, quinoa and pear), hoping to add it to her meal rotation. I put it in her sippy cup and gave it to her to drink...it was not an instant hit. I felt dejected, but not defeated. I froze the green goodness and later on I thawed it out and mixed it with her favorite food, sweet potato...voila! She likes it, she really likes it! I think I no longer have to fear that she won't eat anything green. :-)


L.A. Mommy said...

I'm so excited that Marlie-Girl is reaching all these milestones! I can't wait for lil AK to hit them, too!


Nicki Woo said...

Can I just say, Bravo for even Being Able to blog, this early in Marlie's life. That's impessive. I have 4 girls, and let's just say we know nothing about their early days because I was a cranky, crazy headed zombie.

Kimberly Grabinski said...

"talk to the hand"


septembermom said...

Sorry about Marlie's boo boo! Hope she's okay now. Sounds like she's doing great :)

Alexia said...

Can I just tell you how much I like to read these weekly logs? It's so exciting to hear about all the new milestones she's reaching and ways she's developing her personality.

Still can't believe she weighs less than my little chunker, but I love that she's going to be tall and skinny! The next Iman?! lol

I want a green goodness shake! Sounds yummy!
Thanks for recommending Super Baby Food. We're going to start trying solids next week!

always4evamoi said...

hi mama. been thinking about u. hope u ok. sending all the hugs you could possibly receive from a stranger. something told me to reach out to u right now. i so know what u going through and i pray that you come out under that cloud unscathed (if thats the best word to use) and see the wonderful rewards of your journey as a mother. hugs, hugs, and more hugs. that's all i can say/do.

The Redhead Riter said...

"She is also very nosy! If something is going on out of her line of sight she will crane her neck to get a peak. I think she is going to be a reporter."

Very funny!

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