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Weird Word Thursday: Vol. 8

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I know word verification is not going away anytime soon, but I figure I can at least have a little fun with it. So, I present you with Weird Word Thursday. Each week, I will feature my favorite non-word from a captcha I've encountered and make up a definition. Why? Because like Anne J says "those anti-spam words [are] silly and amusing." This week...

Bracop [bra-kop]-noun
a person of authority (usually a mother) who inspects young womens' outfits for exposed bra straps.

Example: "My grandmother, the bracop, made sure my was brassiere straps were safely tucked away before I left for school."

Got a better definition? Leave it in a comment, no word verification required.

Got a Weird Word you found in while filling in a word verification thingy? Share it in the comments!


Alexia said...

I could have used a Bracop at the DMV. The woman took my picture for my drivers license with my bra straps exposed! I got it in the mail and thought 'Damn! She couldn't have told me my straps were showing'. Very embarrasing.

septembermom said...

That is hilarious!! I need one of those when I try to wear a tank top in the summer. Those straps don't stay put!

Debbie said...

Love that one! I've been a bracop in my life.

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