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Review: eShakti Women's Clothing

Monday, April 5, 2010

When eShakti offered to have me do a product review I jumped at the chance for two reasons: First, I've been aching for some new clothes because it's been almost a year since I bought anything for myself. Secondly, I was curious about whether I'd like shopping for clothes online.eShakti carries a beautiful selection of women's clothes in sizes o-26W. Everything is amazing! I actually had a tough time making a decision, but finally chose this belted linen weave day dress in khaki brown:
eShakti dress review
One of the reasons I have never bought clothes online is because it is so hard to find clothes that fit my body type. I am petite in height, small on top, narrow through the waist with an ample booty. Based on past experience I was going to order a size up to fit my bottom, which means the upper half of my garment would be baggy. Imagine my glee when I discovered that eShakti offers custom sizing! I entered my measurements using their easy custom sizing tool and eagerly awaited the arrival of my dress.eshakti dress review
My dress was delivered in less that 7 days after I placed the order. I immediately tried it on and was ecstatic that it hugged my figure in all the right places...a perfect fit! My one quibble was that the belt was so long that I had to pin it in the back.
I wore my dress to church on Easter Sunday. We received a lot of compliments. I felt stylish, beautiful and comfortable. How many times have you said that about your clothing?!

My eShakti experience was A+! I will definitely shop at their store in the future, and you should too!



always4evamoi said...

oh im so glad to hear that....i too have problems finding clothes that fit me so i usually buy 'average' clothes, instead of stylish and beautiful...gonna check it out....hopefully they ship outside the US :(

The Redhead Riter said...

Very cute dress and you look so cute in it! I have been getting their newsletters and love them.

Darcel said...

That dress looks very good on you. So pretty!

Amy said...

That dress looks better on you than it does in the web pic! You look beautiful! good choice.

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