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Baby Log: Week 35

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marlie and Me are back from our trip to Miami! Marlie did so great on the plane. Of course she caught the attention of all the flight attendants and the passengers around us. She would smile big, bat her eyelashes and then bury her face in my shoulder...she is such a flirt! Our visit with my family was wonderful. It was nice to spend time with them, but I am glad to be back in my own bed with Marlie in her crib! I am also thrilled to come home to our cloth diapers. I used disposables during the trip and was it not a good experience. Here are some highlights of our trip:
  • Marlie met her cousin Ari (my brother's 2.5 year-old daughter) who wasn't thrilled at first to have another little girl in her house. But she warmed up to Marlie after awhile. I wish they lived closer so Marlie could grow up with her cousin.
  • We didn't get to the beach, but we went to the playground where I took Marlie on her first ride down the slide:
  • She has a wicked case of heat rash to remember her time in Miami and I have an awful tummy ache from all the good, but bad, food I ate!
  • Marlie's newest moves: wiggling out of my arms when she wants to be put down, smiling and blushing when someone pays her attention, trying to stand up while nursing...seriously, she won't sit still!
  • I won 3 incredible prizes this week. First I won an AMP Duo Diaper from The Eco-Cheap Mom: Fluff the Bum Cloth Diaper Event. very. cool. Then I won a Diva Designz web design template from Mom of All Trades, which I am donating to Marlie's future community school. Finally, I won a Baby Einstein World Music CD at Mocha Dad. Awesome!
  • I'll be catching up with my blog reading this week..don't forget to enter my giveaway for Green Blaster natural cleaning products


always4evamoi said...

welcome back and so glad you had fun...hope you got the rest and change you needed...:)

Kimberly Grabinski said...

Luckily my kids have their cousin within a 45 minute car ride and we try to see them every few weeks, cousins are great!

The slide picture is priceless!

Congrats on the winnings.

The Redhead Riter said...

Happy to have you back. I missed you.

keyalus said...

Glad you made it back safely!

Great that Marlie was cool on the plane. I am debating flying (alone) with Lewis to my niece's graduation in June. I am so scared that he will have a meltdown on the plane and so will I! I don't want to be THAT woman with the screaming child.

Smiling and blushing at attention is better than screaming and crying LOL. I'm coming off a little bit of people anxiety with my kid.

Blogs said...

Awwwww! I love the slide! Poor baby-heat rashes stink! Loook at her little toes:)

Help! Mama Remote... said...

I don't car were I go. There's nothing like coming home to my own bed.

Maureensk said...

Glad that the trip went well and Marlie was so good on the plane. We're going to CA in September, when V will be almost 2. It will be her first plane trip and I'm very nervous about how she'll do. Compare this to me in my twenties when I took my three oldest kids, aged 3, 2, and 11 months at the time, on a flight and handled it easily. All the passengers thanked me after the flight for how well the kids behaved, mentioning that when they saw us, they had been worried that it would be the flight from he--. If only I had the same energy and confidence as then. Of course, a lot of that confidence was misplaced as I have learned over the years....

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