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Baby Log: Week 26

Sunday, February 21, 2010

  • Marlie had her 6-moth check-up bright and early on Tuesday morning during which she got two more vaccines. She was a cranky mess the remainder of the day, she even refused to ear her lunch of sweet potatoes. She did sleep a lot, but only in my arms. It was a productive day! That night she had major blowout while sitting in her high chair and she freaked out. I was in the shower when Damon barged in with a bawling, naked baby covered in poo. I rinsed her off and handed her back to him while I got dressed. It took more than an hour to clean up everything (including the high chair) and another hour to calm her down. She was still sniffling as she fell asleep on her daddy. It was an eventful evening!
  • Her head and height measurements are holding steady, but her weight dropped to the 5th percentile. I expected a lecture from the pediatrician about her being underweight, but Dr. A didn't give one (and I was fully prepared to argue, armed with my growth chart for breastfed babies on which she is in the 20th percentile). Instead we had a discussion about Marlie's development (she's ahead or on schedule for all targets) and about her eating habits (I've tried everything to get her to nurse for longer than 5 minutes at a time, but she's more interested in playing). We agreed that Marlie is is burning a lot of calories because she is highly active and is just not going to be a fleshy baby. Too bad. I always wanted a chunky, monkey. But it looks like Marlie is going to take after her mama...a rough and tumble, scrawny kid who'd rather go climb a tree than eat dinner.
    Marlie at 26 weeks
  • We also talked about starting solid foods. I told her doc that I have been giving her rice cereal and some sweet potatoes. She said to skip the cereal and dive right into veggies and fruits. She does want Marlie to get a multi-vitamin though. I made the mistake of adding some vitamin drops to her lunch on Wednesday. It did not go over well. However, adding a slice of mushed banana to her sweet potatoes on Thursday was a huge hit. She gobbled that right up...I swelled with pride!
  • She has taken to chewing on the drawstrings of our sweatpants and sweatshirts. Her pediatrician thinks she is going to cut two of her bottom teeth real soon. My nipples are looking forward to it.
  • She greets her daddy when he comes home. He says hi, and she answers back. Once she even said hi, no joke!
  • We won a Baby Dipper BPA FreeFeeding Set from The Cloth Diaper Report


Serenityville said...

Oh! So touching!! I love the 'blowout' is...just that. Lots of poo.
And the 'my nipples are looking forward to that' comment is hilarious.
She's ADORABLE!!!!! (love the socks!)
(I know, lots of exclamation points!! But I love babies!!!!)

always4evamoi said...

boooo on not having 'chunky monkey' babies...lol i wanted one so bad...my little one was so long and lean, i thought i was doing something wrong, but the ped kept telling me that she would taller than thicker, and sure enough, buying pants for her are sometimes a nightmare...lol
love the socks on Marlie :)

The Redhead Riter said...

I totally love the socks too! Very cute and I like that she won't get rug burn from crawling around.

I remember those kind of poos. It not only lingers in the air, but you can't get the smell out of your nose. LOL

Jana Burrow said...

I have a very chunky monkey that refuses to crawl at 9 months...the grass is always greener right! Marlie is adorable!!!

Kimberly Grabinski said...

My son was chunky as a baby but my daughter was like Marlie and still is. In fact at 2 years old she weighs the same as my oh-so-chunky 1 yr old niece.

I love her Baby Legs (or 'arm socks' as my daughter calls them)!

Anonymous said...

Aww making me want more babies in my life. Glad to hear such a great growth update.

My best, Lynn

Maureensk said...

How weird, we just dealt with V's first major blow out last week! I was home alone adult-wise and had to call in the army (aka my kids). I can't relate to the small baby thing, mine were always big. My daughter, who is 15 now, has always been thin since she weaned, but even she was somewhat plump while breastfeeding. Good luck with that! It's cool that she is doing so well with solids!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Where did you get the socks? I need to know.

keyalus said...

She's crawling? Wow! Lewis hardly likes to roll over although he is intent on sitting upright. I think he's just going to stand up one day LOL.

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