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Baby Log: Week 24

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This was a week of breakthroughs. I made progress in the socializing department. I went out with a friend last Sunday to see a movie (at a movie theater!). We saw Leap Year. I am a HUGE Amy Adams fan, but I was disappointed with this film. Still, it felt good to have a grown-up outing. As for Marlie (sorry, no pics):
  • I broke down Monday and called a lactation consultant in hopes of getting to the bottom of Marlie's poor eating. The LC theorized that Marlie was "reverse nursing"--waking up to eat at night and therefore wasn't as hungry during the day. She said I had to get Marlie to eat to fullness during the day, but she stopped short of saying not to nurse her at night if she is hungry. I'm so confused! One thing I do know is that we are getting a high chair this weekend and starting her on cereal. I'll let you know it goes!
  • Marlie slept from 10:30-2:30 am on Monday night! She did get two really long naps that day and had a 10 pm feeding. I have been trying to repeat this sequence, but not getting the same result. ugh!
  • The LC also sent me an awesome tip sheet on increasing my milk supply. I started using some of the recommendations, and I do notice a difference. Marlie is eating better and feeling heavier.
  • Her "vocabulary" is expanding. She can say the consonants "da," "mmm," and "na." I think her first word is going to be "dawg."
  • She is starting to creep too. I sometimes turn around to find her halfway across the room trying to get into my papers (which are in piles on the floor). I think it's time to get a filing cabinet and get all objects off the floors.
  • Her newest accomplishment is biting. Can it even be called that when she has no teeth? She chomped down on my shoulder real good on Friday. I still had a red mark on Saturday.
  • Giveaway wins this week: Jo-Sha natural sanitizing wipes from the blog Feeling Fit with Dana. These are perfect to keep in the diaper bag for wiping our hands and germ-riddled shopping carts. I am also excited about winning a personalized 8x10 London Bridge Children art print from Mommy of 3 Giveaways Free.


Green Mama said...

I'm sure you'll get the feedings figured out, it's tough to be up all night feeding.

Dog was my son's first word, or it sounds more like "gog," but he points to our dog and any dog and says it, it has now become his favorite word. He wakes up in the morning and the first word out of his mouth is "GOG!"

Biting is something my son did a lot of too, only with teeth! He'd always bite down on my shoulder unexpectedly, ouch!

Anonymous said...

Yeah try all the things the LC is telling you, because one of them is bound to get you good results! It took me awhile to get into a groove with my daughter feeding wise. My OB said 'as long as her weight is going up and not down, remember you're doing a good thing'.

My best, Lynn

Lee-Ann said...

Oh creeping already! Check my blog for an award for you!

The Redhead Riter said...

So many changes, so quickly. She almost talking. Very exciting.

Maureensk said...

V reverse nurses, but she is 16 months and the doctor says she should be getting more solids now as breast milk is no longer the perfect food. I have no advice, it is hard - she thinks I'm a human pacifier. Biting is also still an issue for us, except she bites my nipples. I know they can't bite if they are latched on properly, but she can switch positions quickly.

Serenityville said...

Truly fascinating! Thank you for the amazing details of LIFE as it begins, and the struggle of helping that along. I feel for you!

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