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Tag, I'm It!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I recently started reading Heather's blog Theta Mom. She's such a REAL mom. So imagine my delight when she tagged my blog to play My Seven. I feel like I've been asked to sit at the cool kids table at lunch!
The rules of this tag are that I must describe seven things about me that you don’t already know (my habit of over-sharing has forced me to scrap the barrel...forgive me if I repeat something) and then tag­ seven oth­ers to do the same. Without further adieu....
  1. I have a green mole on my right shoulder. It's green because it is attached to a vein...and yes I get it examined by a dermatologist every year.
  2. I have two tattoos that I got while I was in college. One is a butterfly and the other is a panther. Polar opposites, I know, but that's who I was in college.Teresha at 30
  3. I have a partial dental implant to replace the tooth that was knocked out when my face *kissed* the back of my college roommate's car while I was rollerblading. I wound up in the ER (driven in the same car that I slammed into) where the nurses kept asking "did someone do this to you?" (did I mention that I was still wearing the rollerblades?) and the doctor wouldn't give me any pain meds (I guess I looked like a junkie). I had to go to back home to Miami (17 hours on a Greyhound bus!) to see a dentist because I was on my mom's insurance. it. was. the. most. painful. experience. of. my. life.
  4. I've been a dog owner almost all my life. I can't imagine not having man's best friend around. Meet our fur baby Butters:Butters the dog
  5. I took silversmithing classes for a year and was good at it. I even considered become a jewelry maker until the price of silver skyrocketed. I still make beaded jewelry. Oh, I just got an idea for a blog-versary giveaway!
  6. I've been writing a book for more than a year. It's a children's book. It turns out that it's harder to write for children than adults. My goal is to finish it this year and then work on getting it published.
  7. My favorite game at recess was kickball. I could play that all day.
I'm going to follow Theta Mom's example, and tag seven bloggers who are new followers:
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Maureensk said...

Silversmithing! That is cool. Kickball is fun, I don't know why it hasn't become a sport beyond recess. I'd join a kickball league in a second! Green mole... hmmmm... interesting, is it dangerous or just kind of different (like if it caught on something, could it damage the vein?... does it matter if it does? I had tons of veins removed after baby #3 and was told that we have gobs of them)

Theta Mom said...

Thanks so much for playing along! I could never get a tattoo because I'm such a baby when it comes to needles! Enjoyed reading your your seven! :)

DreamTNM said...

Oh I love your 7 things! Made me smile :) Thanks for tagging me! I will post on this tonight!! :)

Anonymous said...

Such an interesting seven! My sister can identify with the partial..ouch! Thanks for tagging I will post now!

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

How nice to read all about you. I'm not a big "writer" on my blog... more of a sharer, so it might be fun to write something about myself. LOL! Thanks for tagging me.

Twincerely,Olga said...

you sound way cool!! Thanks for tagging me!! I'll be getting my 7 ready!!

Lee-Ann said...

Wow those are really cool! Ouch on the kissing of the car!

The Redhead Riter said...

Number three made me cringe all the way down to my toes! That actually sounded worse than child birth!

Green mole cracked me up. Of course, you couldn't have just a "regular" mole...Oh no! You had to outdo everyone and have a green mole attached to a vein! LOL LOL

jmt said...

It seems that anyone in college with some sort of "issue" is always drilled with questions of mal-action. That's what I called it when my friend was repeatedly asked if she might be pregnant b/c she was having fainting spells. She'd never even had sex and they didn't believe her.....over and over, they didn't believe her.

You should have kicked them with your blades. Just sayin'.....

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