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Baby Log: Week 22

Sunday, January 24, 2010

You may have noticed my spotty blogging this week (or, maybe not). It has been a trying 7 days with a colicky infant. You heard me...colicky. Our formerly sweet, happy, smiling, cooing baby girl has morphed into a fussy, gassy, green-pooping, night-waking little monster (that last part is the sleep deprivation talking). Never fear MOMMY is here, and she is on the case. The verdict...foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. We are getting her feedings and digestive system back on track with some help from the La Leche League web site. Despite the lack of rest our week wasn't all that bad. Actually, it was tea and crumpets compared to the hellish nightmare that the people of Haiti are experiencing. While watching the news on Friday morning, I caught this footage of a seven-year-old boy being pulled out from rubble ALIVE with his arms raised toward the heavens...God is Good! I cry every time I think about his rescue. In honor of the heroic NYC firemen who rescued Kiki, I will donate $1 for every comment left on this post today (up to $20) to Partners in Health and the Mayor's Fund for NYC.

Here's the rest of Marlie's week...

  • Bath time is now like the Splash Zone at Sea World. Marlie has become very adept at using every limb to soak the counter, the floor, and me. Seriously, I have never seen a baby who enjoys the water so much. I can cross aquaphobia off my list of neurotic traits I hope not to pass on to her.
  • Everything goes in her mouth, including her feet. I find this yucky (did I ever mention my aversion to feet?). The plus side is that her foot fetish makes diaper changes a whole lot easier!
  • Marlie's newest obsession is paper. I can't read a magazine or write on my scratch pad when she is in my arm. She is lighting fast at grabbing and tearing up paper. There are sections of pages missing from my Entertainment Weekly.baby crunches
  • She is making move to sit up on her own. Right now, she is trying to raise up from her back and it looks like she is doing Superman crunches. -------->


Michelle Hrin said...

Oh, how I feel for you on the colic. My son was horribly colicky until 5 mos. then it just stopped like that. Thank goodness becaus we were about to lose our minds. I never heard of the milk issues you discussed. I will defnititely have to check into that with this next baby if it's a problem again. I hope it isn't but since it seems all babies in my family are like this I'm not counting on it.

Betty Manousos said...

Loving your baby girl!And your articles are very helpful for young mothers.
Hope your day is nice so far:)

Lee-Ann said...

She is a doll! I hope you can get the hindmilk/foremillk figured out. Is she eating solids as well? It isn't fun when they are feeling yucky. Also that aversion to water may still come, I found that most of my kids were terrified of water around 18 months, Taryn just got over it!

~ t a m m y ~ said...

To be honest I never heard of breastfeed babies having colick. I think colicky is most often mistaken for babies being over-tired. That is they seem to be in pain but are still simply overtime. Swaddling and white noise helps settles them.

Too much foremilk gives them gas (watery farts), and watery poos but I don't ever seem my kids in discomfort.

I would recommend, white noise or shoo shoo shoo sound. When they are overtired not to be motion either, calm rocking, in a dark room, with white noise (static on a radio).

Two reads I recommend:

The Happiest Baby on the Block

The Baby Whisper

Unknown said...

It is the not night sleeping well that used to get me too.

Nice post!

keyalus said...

Marlie looks more like she is doing that "100" move from Pilates to me LOL.

Have you heard of the "Wonder Weeks"? I was reading about this the other day and it sounds interesting. The authors theorize that there are certain weeks where the baby's brain is working so hard to learn new big concepts that it screws up their regular routine. They will become way fussier than normal. Week 23 can be the early start of one of these phases.


Anonymous said...

I have never had the "pleasure" of a colicky baby, but I did give one of my girlfriends the night off from hers once - I DEFINITELY feel for you. That is some serious brain mushing you're dealing with. Hang in there though, she WILL outgrow it!

My best, Lynn

The Redhead Riter said...

"Bath time is now like the Splash Zone at Sea World"

I love it!

And the picture of her rocking is just great! I can almost hear her straining to get up.

She has quite a personality. Just delightful.

Sorry about the colicky part. It always made me feel so helpless when Alyssa couldn't talk and I couldn't make her well in an instant. Don't worry. There's worse to come LOL Like the flu, throwing food, scraping her knee, throwing up on her Sunday shoes, and eventually, some mean old boy will break her heart (just experienced that and I don't know how I resisted not slashing his tires...LOL LOL)

But it is all worth it! You know I would trade one poopy diaper moment.

Maureensk said...

I've heard of the fore/hind milk issue, but never had the problem myself. Probably because I'm so paranoid of it happening that I'm obsessively careful about monitoring it. Vivi still nurses, but I don't think you have to worry about it at 15 months as they are eating solids also...I stopped worrying about it anyway. I did not see the footage of the rescue. I still have not watched TV since Vivi was born, not intentionally, I just am too tired and busy. Good luck with all the colic and baby crunches. You are entering the stage when I got so overwhelmed (Vivi started walking at 7 months BTW, which just magnified things). Once they start getting mobile and opinionated, chaos reigns for a while. People say age-two is so awful, but I prefer it to age-one as they can talk and rationalize some. Not to mention walk up the stairs safely, not put everything in their mouth and so forth.

Niks La Mode. said...

She is so friggin cute!!! Sorry about the colicky phase it will pass :( what kind of formula is she on ?

GOD IS AWESOME! that boy made me Cry how did he survive GOD is jsut amazing !

Melissa H. said...

Marlie is a doll! Love the crunch thing; my daughter Katie (dob: Sept 1) does the same thing!

Bath time is always fun when a baby loves water. Glad to hear Marlie likes to splash. :)

Melissa H. said...

Marlie is a doll! Love the crunch thing; my daughter Katie (dob: Sept 1) does the same thing!

Bath time is always fun when a baby loves water. Glad to hear Marlie likes to splash. :)

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