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Baby Log: The Real Week 7

Saturday, October 10, 2009

pouty baby MarlieWho's That Girl?! That can't be the same tiny, barely-six pound-baby I gave birth to two months ago. I mean, look at her! Look at those chubby cheeks! She has gotten so big! It makes my heart sing with joy and cry with grief at the same time because she is growing and thriving, but it seems to be happening too fast! How do I hit pause?
  • Miss Marlie gave us a scare on Sunday. She woke up pale, red-eyed, wheezing, listless, very fussy and had no appetite. She got better as the day wore on, but I called her pediatrician just in case. The diagnosis: a 24-hour bug. I made sure she stayed hydrated, let her soothe herself with extra time sucking at the breast, and resumed co-sleeping to keep an eye on her. She rebounded quickly and was 80% back to normal by Tuesday, except for the wheezing which I'm treating with hot steam and eucalyptus rub.
  • Mid-week, she starts spitting up after feedings when she burps and has terrible gas. I'm thinking, WTH? I gave her some gripe water, but don't want to make this a habit. I went to my go-to resource kellymom.com and found this article on reflux in babies. The part about allergies immediately caught my attention. I start looking at what I've been eating. Aha! Could those chocolate-covered raisins I have been munching on for the past three days be the culprit? I stop eating them and she has no more reflux. Great! (this is sarcasm, in case you don't know). I had already eliminated dairy (no cheese in my grits, ice cream) and wheat (gluten intolerance) from my diet. Now I have to give up my last remaining guilty pleasure. But, for the love of baby girl, I will.
  • She has almost mastered the rock and roll (see photo above). Rocking is her new thing. She bee bops all the time like she is dancing to music only she hears.
  • Her other new thing is to stick out her bottom lip (also see photo above). I keep telling her that she is going to wind up like Bubba from Forrest Gump if she doesn't quit the pouting. LOL!
  • Her personality is developing. She is going to be Bossy! (parental advisory: video I'm Bobossy baby Marliessy by Kelis feat. Too $hort)! I want to record and post a clip of her shrieking orders at me, which is usually accompanied by a furrowed brow (sort of like this photo to the right, but much scarier). Of course, she's only babbling, but loosely translated she is saying: this is not a democracy, this is a dictatorship!


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

haha I love the pout! And who doesn't love Bubba from Forest Gump??? hehe

I'm glad you were able to find the source of the reflux. Abby had a milk protein allergy (very extreme) and in the end it caused me to stop nursing. It's a long story but it was like night and day when she went on a hypoallergenic formula as a test, and milk protein hides in so many different foods that I was afraid to try nursing again since she finally stopped screaming on the formula. Cause she screamed night and day for weeks until we figured it out. Oh and the reflux she had....projectile!

Harlem Minded said...

She is soooo adorable!

Betty Manousos said...

I have not much to say.
it's so wonderful to have a baby .Every minute with her is so precious!
I melt with her gorgeous photo ,and gorgeous Marlie baby.!
mwah mwah.
Have a great weekend!

Bossome Sue said...

Soo adorable!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some bloggy love. =)
~ AquarianJwl

Painter Mommy said...

Awe! What a cutie! Don't they grow so fast?

Brianna Bell said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
That is one ADORABLE baby girl you have!

Have a great day!


I Wonder Wye said...

What a doll -- furrowed brow and all.....

Our grand-doll Parker was born in Austin on our wedding anniversary -- June 14 - so she and Miss M are roughly the same in age/development. Wish we lived closer so we could babysit!

Stopping by from SITS.....

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