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Baby Log: Week Three

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Marlie at three weeksThis week has tested my mettle as a new mother (I am sure there will be plenty more of these times). I have never in my life felt so accomplished and inept at the same time. If you read my previous post, you already know that we've been struggling with getting Marlie to sleep during the day and night. I need to give a little background... During her first week home, she was a textbook baby: fed, burped, diapered and slept like clockwork and without the need to soothe. Then she became sick when she was 12 days old. It threw everything off, the most significant of which was her feeding and sleeping habits because she was so congested. I nursed her more often to keep her hydrated (and to soothe her). This is probably where she got in the habit of falling asleep on the breast. Anyways, she is getting over her cold, and we are waiting to see if the need to soothe on my breast passes too. We are seriously reconsidering the no-pacifier rule, and I have started to do research of the various types just in case. I want to thank everyone who left comments on my last post. I value everyone's opinion! What I culled from all of the advice is that it is okay to want some time and rest for myself, especially so that I can be in top physical and mental condition to care for Marlie. Also, that no book is going to know my baby like me, and that I have to trust my instincts as as a mother. I am happy to report that Thursday night, Marlie went to sleep after her 1:00 am and 3:30 am feedings without sucking on the teat. If she fell asleep while feeding, I woke her up to finish and promptly de-latched when she was done. It took anywhere from 15-30 minutes of rocking and shushing to get her to bed each time, but it was worth it. Her 5:00 am feeding was another story...she was very fussy and started to wail (oh no!). We made sure she wasn't gassy and re-checked her diaper. Turns out she was still hungry and was just trying to clue me in (it is harder to recognize those hunger cues when you are so sleepy). She went to bed happy after another round of nursing. Whew! On Friday, she napped like a champ after each round of feeding, burping, diaper-changing, and swaddling. By nighttime, she was back to sleeping without the need to suck. I actually had to wake her up for her feedings. By George, I think we've got it! I hope Marlie will be patient while mommy and daddy are on this learning curve. Here's what else happened in Marlie's world during week 3:
  • I can't watch those true crime shows that I love anymore. They just be remind me that there are sicMarlie at three weekskos out there who can harm my baby girl.
  • Her joints snap, crackle and pop...a lot. I have not found anything online that indicates that there is something wrong, but it makes me nervous nonetheless. So I am taking her to see the same pediatric chiropractor that worked on me during my pregnancy.
  • She is starting to play when she is awake. I shook a toy rattle (the little lamb) in front of her face and she lit up and grabbed at it!
  • She is proving to be a natural athlete (no surprise since mommy and daddy played sports). When she is on her tummy, she can lift her legs, arms, and head like Superman flying. We are amazed because the baby books and web sites make it sound like your baby will be a motionless blob until one month of age.
  • She loves bath time. She is a water baby. I need to learn to swim so that I can take her to the pool.
  • She stretches like a cat when she wakes up from a really long sleep. It's the cutest thing.
  • She cooed for the first time on Thursday. It was the most beautiful sound!


Maureensk said...

Th real question is how will you not spoil her rotten when she is so darn cute. I declare she is just one of the cutest, if not THE cutest, babies I have ever seen (and that is including my own, which I am biased towards obviously). She is so wide eyed too, it makes her look so wise! It sounds like you guys are doing really well with this new mom and dad thing. It always seems like life is like that though, just when you get a system that seems to work, a wrench gets thrown in the works. I've come to despise day-light savings time since becoming a mom. Things don't even always work the way you think they would, i.e. in the fall, it seems like they'd go to bed earlier, but instead they fall asleep later (or the reverse of that, I'm confusing myself about the time changes). Another example, my brother had learned to walk and then got a bad cold and didn't walk again for months.

Maureensk said...

I saw that you're Bob Marley fans! Me too! Is Marlie named after Marley?

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

I totally hear you about not being able to watch the crime shows anymore. Parenting is hard enough...filled with our own made-up worries, I don't need those shows adding fuel to the fire.

The Redhead Riter said...

I am telepathic and I know something...I know that at 12:01 a.m. on 9/7/09, there will be TWO things for you at my blog ♥


Thanks for being my bloggie friend.

Ginger said...

After reading this I thought, "When was I a guest writer at Marlie and Me?" I can relate to a lot of this post,except that you sound so measured and temperate. I.. um.. wasn't.

I'm sorry Marlie was sick. It sounds like she's on the mend, though. Hooray for getting back on schedule!!

I'll try and stop in more often. I've missed reading your blog(s). (!) I don't even have a newborn excuse.
Be well.. all of you!

Darcel said...

She is so beautiful! Congratulations! Isn't being a mother so wonderful, more than you ever imagined?

My 1st had her days and nights mixed up, people told me to wake her during the day, but that only made for a very cranky baby and then a mama who wasn't quite sure what to do with her.

You'll figure it out together as you go a long. Enjoy your precious beauty.

Unknown said...

I nursed both my boys; the first until he was 11 months old; the second till he was 9 months old.
I did use pacifiers and my guys turned out fine.

just stopped by from SITS TO SAY HI; hope you'll do the same.

Robbie S. Redmon, LPC said...

She is precious! Thanks for stopping by. I missed you, too.

Teresa @ ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥ said...

Hey sweet lady, I two things for you over on my blog. Come and get them!


Teresa <><


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