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Baby Log: Week 5

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Marlie at 5 weeksI'll sum up this week in one word: changes...
  • The week started off rough. Marlie wasn't sleeping, crying more than usual and was inconsolable. I was afraid she had developed colic. We tried the pacifier, but she just spit it out. Plus her rash was spreading and looked like it was causing her discomfort. Off to the pediatrician we went on Wednesday. Her rash turned out to be cradle cap, which I was instructed to wash with Selsun Blue (who knew?). We were also given a prescription for the thrush in her mouth because it wasn't responding to the alternative treatment I had been trying (taking a probiotic, rubbing plain yogurt inside her mouth and on my nipples, eliminating wheat, gluten, dairy, and sugar from my diet). The good news is that Marlie feeling and looking better, and I am getting rest again. She weighed in at 8 lbs 3 oz at this visit!
  • Her growth spurt also meant an increase in the volume of milk she consumes. I took a couple of days for my milk supply to catch up to the demand. Meanwhile, girlfriend got violent when the milk ran out and she was still hungry. She would pound on my breasts with her little fists! LOL!
  • As Marlie grows, she outgrows stuff. She no longer fits between the sleep positioners in her co-sleeper. We considered moving up our time line to purchase a play yard with a sleeper compartment, but we decided to try putting her in the crib instead. Her nursery is next door to our room. I started off with playtime and nap time during the day. She has also spent two nights in it. I was expecting it to be hard to get up to feed her, but it hasn't been. My internal clock lets me know when it is time to wake up. I am so proud of her for taking to her crib, but miss having her right next to me!
  • Marlie is so different from the baby we brought home a month ago. She is reaching and grabbing. I love when she holds my finger tight! She stares at the walls in her nursery and at the ceiling fans. She also responds when I make faces at her and she cringes when I sing to her. Oh, and she rolled over in her crib! I had her on her stomach for tummy time, went to get the camera and came back to find her on her back! I can't believe I missed it!


Anonymous said...

OMG! She's rolling already -enjoy every moment!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog -I'm following you :)

The Redhead Riter said...

"she cringes when I sing to her"

I am SURE that is your imagination! Even with my awful voice, Alyssa still loved my singing...but not any more :o( LOL

Radical Selfie said...

Okay, see what I mean by "the things that come with giving a child such a Warrior Princess name"? Why in the world is she rolling over already?! And taking to her crib at such an early stage! My girl nah play! She is already showing you that she's all about movements and progress, yu nuh see it?! I love it! Marleys/Marlies run di world!

Betty Manousos said...

Oh my God, how cute and sweet Marlie is!!
yOUR adorable daughter!.Your blog is so lovely!
Please follow me, I'm following you.

Betty Manousos said...

I gladly wanted to tell that if you liked to follow my blog, too, you would be the :"100" blog friend.
xxx to you and Marlin :)

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